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Just to let you all know...

Those of you who have been here a while... Lampiekat and hopingtotryagain (H2TA) have both had their beautiful little babies!

I hope they won't mind me updating you all over in this forum... Lampiekat has had a little girl called Ellamae weighing in at a dinky 4Ib 1oz due to complications towards the end of her pregnancy. Little Ellamae is in neo natal but doing grand from what i hear.

H2TA has had a little boy called Noah! She has had to be moved to a surgical ward though and so separated from him for now but both families are doing well and hope to be out of hospital with their little bundles soon!

There are a couple more of us over in DIM so hopefully we'll be able to post you some more BA's soon! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancies ladies, we'll all get those little bundles soon! image



  • Thats great news, I always wonder who has had their babies. I'm not strictly in this forum anymore but always still check. Congrats to all of you who's dreams did come true, and good luck to you too, not long now xx
  • How lovely image

    I keep seeing there is a few march ladies that have had their babies image i am due April so getting very close and so excited to meet my second little lady image

    looking forward to seeing other BA's and posting mine in a few wees image

    Gem x

  • Ahhhh - that's great news, thanks for keeping us posted. Zxx
  • Ah thanks Sharn, I do keep an eye out in the other DI forums! That really is a dinky Ellamae! Such a beautiful name - I hope they all come home soon. Not long for you now either image

    BoB 24+3. x
  • I like to see how everyone else gets on too, that's why i thought i'd let you all know image

    I'm so sorry to hear your terrible news kwn, i replied to your thread over in ttcam earlier and i honestly could cry for you! I wish you nothing but all the luck in the world with becomming a mommy!

  • Thats great news!! Wish them all the best!


  • great news wish them all the best
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