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implantation experiences???.....

hi ladies

im totally clutching at straws here,

i start my IVF in a few pretty much no i have a very low chance of concieving...however my af varies from cd24-26....its day 25 today and not a sign or not any p pains yet, but on cd18 i had pink cm and af cramps??!! weird...only lasted that day and a pin head of red then nothing since....could this been implantation or maybe even ovulation spotting??? although i though i ov earlier than that??? thanks for reading xxxx image


  • I didnt have any pink CM, just a weird stingy pain in my lower tummy about 8dpo. I think it was implantation, it felt like electricity! x
  • I had implantation bleeding.

    It was over a week before AF was due (long cycle- prob about 7dpo)and in the afternoon I went to the loo and decided to check my cervix position. When I looked at my finger there was bright red blood on it. When I peed there was some red in the toilet too. I thought perhaps it was implantation or had AF come early (never does, I'm very regular but I had recently had an ectopic pregnancy and I wondered if my cycle was a bit skewiff)

    Next morning I was walking to the train station and felt a bit wet (TMI) and when I went to the toilet I had brown discharge (so old blood- and not the usual pattern of my AF)

    That evening I just got a feeling and decided to do an cheapy test, totally thinking 1. it's far too early to POAS as my AF isn't due for a week+ and 2. it's the evening so even if I am PG my pee will be too diluted to get BFP

    Then I got my BFP! Totally shocked so did a FR test and another BFP!

    Best of luck! xx
  • thanks ladies image

    well fingers crossed and i dont have to go through the IVF planned image

  • I had implantation bleeding on 8dpo, I had some watery pink when I wiped a few times and then found 2 dots of brown blood on my pants. I tested the next afternoon and got a faint bfp image
  • Oh I shoudl have said also that I also had watery pink a couple of days after ov so maybe cd17?? and one of the girls on anotehr thread said that it was a good sign that I'd successfully ovulated
  • When i was waiting to see if i had concieved or not, i experienced a once off sharp pain in my lower abdomen and later that evening i had period like pain in my lower abdomen and back, then the next day nothing, i also had a pin prick of blood and that was it, oh and all this was after ovulation and far too early to be my period, and now i'm nearly 12 weeks pregnant, i'm so sure that it was implantation that i experienced. Good luck.
  • I didn't get any implantation signs at all. Just wanted to wish you luck, Booey!x
  • i didnt get any implantation signs either and was pretty surprised when my af didnt show. i had some mild cramping before af was due so assumed id come on. that was it though. im keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  • hi hun,

    I had nothing I'm afriad, but I just wanted to say good luck with the IVF. I had IVf last summer and I'm 30 weeks pregnant.

    All I can say is chill and go with the flow after all the scarmongering and people telling me how awful it was I actually found it quite a breeze. The worst part for me was being on the pill for a month to regulate my cycles! I was a little tired on the downregging and got no other symptoms. I found it much easier than everyone implied.

    I hope you get your BFP before then but if not good luck. If you ever have any questions feel free to PM me.

    R x
  • i had implantation at about 8 dpo. I wqas a regular 28 day cycle and it was about a week before i'd have expected my period. Mine was some pink CM for a couple of days, enough that i needed a panty liner.

    Good luck, i hope you get your BFP.

  • hi booey

    i had mild period pains at 7/8 dpo and pale pink watery loss, then it went to spots of orange blood. i knew the pains were unusual for me after ovulation. Got very faint BFP FMU dpo 8 but pink loss came and went for next ten days. Only tiny amounts, never felt like i was bleeding but it was more than i imagined implantation would be. websites describe it as often dark almost black but i never had this.

    I think your signs are promising! image
  • Hi ladies,

     Today I am 11dpo, I had AF type cramping most of day yesterday from 10am to 9pm, evening and early morning it had stopped and I didnt feel nauseous like previous days so I though oh great I feel fine today, I tested BFN but now early pm I'm getting short, sharp stabbing pains in lower left tummy and a few pricking sensations n mild cramping pleease someone tell me something encouraging lol perhaps you bfp's could offer some experiences... thanx 

    Other symptoms include baaad headaches for 9 days straight, bloating, gas, increased cm, high, softer cervix, backache, few pains in left boob today, sore throat, nausea, emotional, irritable, metal taste, fatigue, more saliva, burping. lol.

  • hello. i just got my period on or around the 11th of december. I then had checked my ovulation calender online and it said that i was most likely to get pregnant around dec. 23rd through the 28th i believe.We did the deed on the 26th of dec. Now im 8dpo (i believe, not sure though) and when i went to the bathroom about an hour ago i seen a little blood in the toilet. So i then not thinkin put a tampon in. I just went and checked and there is only a little brown blood on it. sorry for tmi. what are you guys thinking is going on with me???

  • Hi monkey business, I'm just the same as you. Period started around 11th Dec. I think my ovulation was 25/26 Dec. yesterday and today I've had what I think (hope) is implantation bleeding. Small amounts of browny, stringy blood ( sorry if tmi.) other symptoms have just been extreme tiredness and slightly sore boobs. Have you any other symptoms?
  • Fayette, Just starting two days ago my boobs starting getting like these sharp tingly pains, and today i have just been having the worst headache ever. Along with crazy whacked up emotions. I think i am going to wait a few more days to let the hcg levels  rise and then test.


  • HI to all of future and current momimes in here! When I concieved my now 9 month old son it was my first pregnancy so I had no clue how it would feel to be pregnant.It all started with a feeling of bad case of PMS-period like cramps that started 2 weeks before the actual period ,no spotting or bleeding until the day of my actual period were it some blood  showed up after going to the bathroom wich at the time I thought its my period but it was only that day and after that there was no more bleeding at all.Also I ve experienced loss of appetite .mild sickness mosty in the afternoon never in the morning, wich was strange ,extreme sleepiness,sore breasts that i could not even touch them,but even if you do not have these symptoms its completely normal i have a friend that did not have any symptoms and she found out she was pregnant when she was almost 4  months in her pregnancyimage

  • What would you ladies consider this?  I had bright red spotting on 7&8dpo.  That's not my usual.  Would this be implantation?  I'm due for AF on the 14th of Jan.

  • can one of u ladies help me plz. im not sure wats happening i finishef my period20/12/2012 and yesterday 07/01/2013 it started out wiv sore boobs and then cramps then i went toilet and there was bright red blood all within an hour. and today it still same just bit more bleeding and cramps are getting worse. om not due my period for another 10 days. please help i dont know whats happening
  • My last period was December 9th and I believe I ovulated between the 28th and 30th. However, today, two days before my expected period, I had light red discharge after I wiped. I put a tampon in just in case because I was at work, and four hours later when I took it out, there wasn't a trace of blood at all. I want to test now ... but I don't have any other symptoms that I had when I was pregnant with my first ...

  • I probs the weirdest story think I ov'd about 10 days ago then had a very strange period heavy for the first day or so then it pittered off over a few more days only having one or two bursts of bleeding a few nights ago I had the lightening bolting around my lower stomach for an hour or so the next day I had the lightest pink spotting I'd been cramping more so than norm over that week but it just stopped with what I figured was implantation. I've had all the pregnancy symptoms nausea headaches metallic taste urinating very often sore bb's leg cramps I've been pregnant about 8 times Lol so I recognize the signs I'll wait till 13dpo to test .. With a bit of luck this will give someone hope
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