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  • hi lady's i am in need of some help please!

    i was inseminated on the 30th of may i was due my period on the 13 of June i have missed my period and today i have had some very light pink much like a period but very light i am normally very heavy and i clot alot i have a few stomach pains and abit of back pain but like normal its not like period pains. has anyone had anything like this if so did they do a pregnancy test and did they get a negative or positive? i have done a test on the 17th of June but it came back negative if anyone could give me some advices thank you 

  • Hello need help 

    I've been taking trying to conceive tablets & today I've started having a pink/redish ddischarg and I'm not due on yet can someone help me out please

  • On Aug. 26 I thought i had started my period. I was having mild cramps and medium pinkish/red flow. Then it's started mid day the 27th. Then I have starting spotting brownish stuff and it's minimal. I have been really emotional lately, weird feelings in my stomach, urinating a lot, and my boobs have gotten a little bigger. But I took a hpt two days ago and it was negative. Is it too early to take another one or is my cycles just messing around. I very want to be pregnant and I'm hoping it just not my kind playing tricks with you. Please help. I need advise asap. C: Thank you.

  • Ok ladie:) hello my name is Lilly and I'm new here! I need answers!! Okay I am very aware of my body actually I'm a little crazy on keeping track of my cervix and changes that occur. My fiance and I had unprotected sex the day before i ovulated. I ovulated on the right side as I felt it burst the next day. Anyways a couple days after I had cramping in my right ovary. Im not due to start my period until september 12 and today like an hour after i checked my cervix (which was high soft and closed) i had bright red blood on my TP. I hopped in the shower and checked it again and its still high and soft. My question is could this be implantation? I've put a pad on so I can track the blood but im not understanding whats going on. Especially being four days before my period is due!

  • Hi I have the same im only do for my piriod on the 16 of  sep, and I started to  bleed very lihht and its very watery and light pink and r Ed but im 6 days erly dont no if its implantion or pirood so please let me no what hapen,, I had a miscarriage in oug so im scared, I was 9 weeks , and my bleeding started on the 11of September

  • Hey ! Okay so I have a question i got a positive opk on Friday I bd on saturday I got a positive opk on Saturday and a positive opk on Sunday. I only bd at Saturday around 12am. I know he came inside of me. I started having weird shooting pains or lighting bolts through my uterus at 7dpo and a dull Ache pain on my right side. is there a possibility I may be pregnant. The lighting bolt cramps only last for a few minutes and the dull ache is regulaR. But I've had no sign of spotting so

  • I had what I would describe as stabbing/pinching pain to one side which lasting a couple of hours on 7dpo and then a positive hpt on 10dpo. Had no bleeding and after pain just as internment period like cramps. Good luck x

  • hi guys ☺️

    after some advice. We have been ttc for the last year. Getting preg isn't the issue (As soon as we try get preg 1st time every time!) but unfortunately all 3 pregnancies came to an end before 12 weeks (one loss at 4-5 wks, 3 months later loss at 6-7 wks, most recent loss in September 3 months later at 9 wks). It's been heartbreaking. I have a 7 yr old from previous relationship so have carried to term before, but this will be the first with my new partner. Doctors have agreed to investigate as happened 3 times. We decided to start trying again this month (dec), and I'm worried. We tracked Ovulation, waited for mild cramping (as I always get around OV) then tried. Cramping started last Monday, we had sex that night and again Thursday (sorry tmi), and I have had none stop mild to painful cramping ever since. It's day 8 of cramping now

  • ***period isn't due until Boxing Day. Usual OV days are quite painful- but only ever last 2-3 days at very most! 8 days in still cramping and I'm scared... The pains are all too familiar. Discharge has changed to a milky quite wet consistency (sorry tmi), bloating and off my food too. has anyone else had such pains?  Such a shame, miscarriage completely takes away the innocence of pregnancy!!! Everything is a bad sign to me these days 😔


  • Hey ladies, just looking for anyone with the same experience to shed some light.

    I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend while ovulating. 1 week later I had a mild amount of bleeding (bright red blood) after intercourse. I had a medium amount of bleeding (more than spotting but less than my normal period) for the next 2 days and slight abdominal cramping. My period's not due til the 20th and I'm never early. I also generally have very bad cramps with my period. I've been very tired (sleeping much more than normal and still feeling tired), slightly nauseous today only, and mild lower back pain. It sounds like a lot of ladies have implantation bleeding, but I'm worried this was too much blood and I've already miscarried if I was pregnant to begin with.

    Any words of wisdom?

  • Hi I'm new to this so here goes, in June I lost my first child to a missed miscarriage it was so painful and heartbreaking but anyway since then my periods have been a little funny like one month I'd be 2 days early on my period then I will be 3 days late just a little out of timing well last month Dec 2015 I went on to being a week late on my period so obviously getting excited I thought I was pregnant I took 7 test all came out negative eventually after a week being late I came on highly disappointed but maybe next time, anyways this month Jan 2016 I've got a week and a Couple of days until my period is due again and yesterday night I was at work and my discharge was a light brown colour so I just left it didn't think nothing of it until yesterday when I went to toilet there was more brown discharge then It was turning slightly red so I thought oh look on my period a week early anyway this morning I've gone to toilet removed my tampon and it's all like a really dark brown blood so I started wiping thinking what's going off here I should be bleeding red I looked at the tissue and it's light red but there's quite a bit of it I just don't get it will someone help me please?

  • My period is about five days late, but it's VERY unrarely light and bright red, but no pink, and i've got some cramping. Could this be implantation?

  • Hello, I need some advice. ill start from the beginning. This past month I got my period november 14-21st. My period is pretty regular. it has always been extremely heavy a few days then trickles out to nothing a few days as well. So anyway my period ended the 21st and that was it no more bleeding until the 27th I went to the bathroom at night and there was pink/white even kind of brown CM in my undies. Ive experienced what i thought was implantation bleeding many times and was just my body finishing cleaning itself out a little late but it was not this color ever in any way. It continued yesterday. did not last long, IM just looking to hear someone elses take on whats happening. Sorry so scattered, also i forgot the most important part but im not sure where it would fit in all of that , we had sex 3 times the night of the 25th. also, yesterday morning i was so naseous i felt like i was going to faint, but no feeling of actually having to hold back my food. and this morning I had hiccups.

  • I've been experiencing something I had sex pretty much everyday for a month then on and off and in had a 2 day bleed but only pink when wipe not enough for tampon then put one in as was a bit heavier then took out was only pink and a bit of brown had that then only faintmlight pink brown  when wipe not nothing since then had the odd twinge and really wet vagina when had sex but no other symptoms I have been stressed could it be to do with that please advice I'm so desperate 

  • Hi can anyone help?

    So I’m experiencing some of the things been talked about here.

    I have the light pink colour on tissue when I wipe. It doesn’t hurt when i wee, but afterwards I experience a pain in my lower abodomen which is where I’d usually feel period pains, I feel like a pain where someone’s sitting on my bladder as if I need to wee but when I do go it’s juat a dribble rather than an actual wee.

    Is this a sign of implantation bleeding? I have been the doctors as I thought it could be a urine  infection but doctor said my stomach felt fine but in my urine was blood but no protein (which is usually quite high in a urine infection) so I have been given antibiotics incase this is an infection but my mind is doing flips searching what it could be and now I’ve found this, there’s a possibility I could be pregnant as I have had unprotected sex in last 7-10 days

  • So this is the thing. My period has never changed.I had my period on nov 21.....i had sex on nov next expected period was dec 17....but on dec 14th i had light pink spotting. Then about a hour later i started to bleed i put a tampon n....i had to change it again within about 6 hours....i was having pains....the bleeding lasted until dec 2days...and my normal period last about 4 days....but now late the night of dec 19 going into dec 20th. I had light pink n my cm.....can some one tell me what it could possibly be.or if you had this happen.

  • I was wandering If anyone could give me some advice? My last period was 1-4/5th Feb, had Sex on the 9,10, 12and 14th Feb, I’m due on in 14 days, last week I had awful bloating, o couldn’t even eat anything I felt so full, then the last 4 days, I’ve had brown spotting, yesterday morning it was brown, with clear and the littlest specks of red blood! I’m alwaya very regular, but I suffer with pcos so not aure when I ovulate if I do even ovulate, this experience is a first with me 

  • Hello everyone so the only reason why im asking is because I just witnessed my bestfriend give birth to her daughter the other day and she said this same thing happened to her so i had unprotected sex on Thursday and he did cum inside me and just a couple days later i got my period but my friend doesnt think its my period it is abiut a week and a half early and i did need a pad but now its pretty much gone only there when i wipe but not always and i dont feel how i feel when im normally on my period. So I'm just wondering could this be implantation bleeding or my period. Could i be pregnant or not.

  • I have a question my periods are never the same they are different each month . I had unprotected sex March 20th and March 29th I started my period early which was Thursday April 5th I only lasted 4 days then it stopped I had sex yesterday morning that night i started bleeding light pink just spotting nothing like a period today has been the same some kind of brownish but mostly light pink what can that be can anyone help me with this one it's never happened before 

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    Did you end up pregnant?? :) 
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