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If you like one born every minute....

there is a new series just started in Ireland, you can watch online, heres the first episode.


Lisa xxx


  • DIdn't realise that the one in Ireland had already started. I am from Ireland so should be fun to watch.
  • Yeah Louise, started last night. Only 6 episodes I think and its only half an hour, enjoyed it though!
  • I watched this last night and really enjoyed it. I felt so sorry for the woman with teh triplets she must be so worried about the little one!
  • I tried the link but its not working image Whats the programme called so i can look for it that way? x
  • From Here to Maternity image
  • Still cant seem to get it are the any other links i can try?
  • If you go to and type it into the search bar there you might get it
  • Don't think can get the link from England x
  • ahhh sorry ladies, I thought it worked internationally
  • It says the link has either been removed or expired but I have it set up to record for next time.
  • I can't get it to work either image

    What channel is it on? Can you get it via SKY??

    Thanks image xxx
  • Just did some 'Googling' and found out the following:

    RT?????'s television channels are not available to Sky subscribers in the United Kingdom. The television channels are not available due to the cost of television rights. While both the Irish government and RT????? have expressed an interest in launching a UK service, no serious attempt has been made to establish one. In the meantime, a thriving grey market in Irish-registered Sky Digital receivers means that Irish people in Britain and much of Europe are able to watch RT????? and the other Irish channels, provided they import an Irish-registered Sky Digital box.

    So we basically can't watch it image
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