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can i use a hotwater bottle for SPD

Hello, i am 6 weeks pregnant with my third child and having symptoms of SPD (symphsis pubic disorder) already. I had this with both my other pregnancies and was on crutches by 30 weeks with my last one. As i said i am already having pain this time and was wondering if it should be ok or not to use a hotwater bottle to ease the pain. I was actually getting pain before my period was late and i thought it was the start of my period so went to bed with a hotwater bottle, which really helped but now i know im pregnant i am wondering if it would be ok or not to do this again?

 Any other tips people have found for coping with SPD would also be welcome. and i have also given birth whilst suffering this and found that on all fours was the best position (which i found out be researching SPD support on the internet) it worked for me anyway. 


  • Hiya, I had spinal surgery a few years ago and have been suffering with symptoms of SPD since about 20 ish weeks. I wouldn't recommend using a hot water bottle as you risk it bursting and the water wont be evenly spaced...I can however, recommend using a wheat bag. You can get them at most health stores or even places like Boots, some have lavender in which can help if you get a headache and can help with sleep too. They just go in the microwave and as long as you don't over cook them will not harm baby. (So said the physio in the hospital)

    Hope this helps, but I do think you should let your midwife know how your feeling as they will prob need to keep an eye on it or refer you

    Good luck

  • Hi.

    I had SPD.

    Found pregnancy yoga really helped to combat alot of the pain.

    However at home I used an ice pack - for no longer than 5 mins at a time - just in the evenings.

    Used a hot water bottle on my back whilst sitting at my desk at work.

    Sitting on a gym ball meant I also was not slumped in the sofa - or getting stuck in it!!! image

    You have my totally sympathy - SPD is really debilitating.

    Good luck - it does go after the baby is born.


  •  hi i had spd with my 2nd pregnancy and used 1 of those microwave wheat bags it was really excellent 4sleeping with as it was very pliable!!!!! goodluck with ur pregnancy im 8wks at the moment and have already started 2 feel the spd but hopefully il cope arghhhh!!!!! lol carly xx
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