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Not sure how I feel poorly

I am only 6+3 but since the day I got bfp I have feel unwell. I cant pin point how exactly. Maybe light headed and very lathargic.

With my DS1 I didnt have any symptoms and a wonderful 9 months. My doctor said I had low blood pressure but I cant imagine that can make me feel this bleugh.

I also had some spotting yesterday and today and had a early fine with a HB and it is probably a cervical abrasion which I had with DS1 so baby is fine. Its only 3mm big,how can it make you feel so poorly.

I am a very energetic healthy person so I am not sure if it is the pregnancy making me feel unwell or if I am unwell, although I cant define how I feel.

I know non of the above makes sense, I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same.....just bleugh



  • I don't think it matters that your baby is still tiny - I think it's the hormones that make you feel yucky. :roll: I having my first but I believe that every pregnancy can be different so even although you were fine last time you may feel different this time.

    Hope you start to feel better soon x x image
  • Poor you..i know how you feel though. My first pregnancy was sickness and not many other problems/symtoms but this time i have had sickness,feeling drained all the time,UTI's,thrush,SPD and just feeling crap.

    Every pregnancy is different and no matter how small bean is it is all the hormones and your body changing.

    Also i have a toddler to run around after so not as easy as last time.

    Hope you feel better soon x

    Gem x

  • Hey

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I can sympathise as also have low bp since being pg and it can definitely make you feel dizzy and confused! Take it easy.

    Also the fatigue can be quite intense in the early weeks where so much is changing in your body. Hopefully the hormone surges will ease soon and then you'll feel better. x
  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad - I had low blood pressure throughout my first pregnancy and it can definately make you feel light-headed and tired. The midwife advised me to carry a can of fizzy drink with me and I did find that often it would just give me the boost I needed if I was starting to feel a bit wobbly and yuck - a quick pick-me up.

    Hope you feel a bit better soon, as others have said it could also be the massive surge of hormones too.


  • I felt totally horrendous at 6wks hun - my 4th preg to that stage and the worst out of the 4. I think I had high levels of hormone because I tested positive in the afternoon at 3wks.

    Hope you feel better soon! xx
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