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Regret telling people our girls name and backup names after son

After LO was born I quite freely told everyone our girls name (I have one girls name I have always wanted) andour backup boys names.

Now I am preggers again (and so are lots of my friends are) I regret telling my names. I truely think that people rarely accidentely pick the same names and by suggesting you like a name puts it in someones head.

I wont lie I would be devestated if a friend close or not used our girls name (I might not even have a girl yet) but it is an unusualish name and one of my friends did mention it on her list but I didnt make a song and dance as for 1 I might have a boy and for 2 they might not choose it.

I suppose I will always find another name I love, but in the back of my mind will always be a little annoyed. However with 44,000 names in my book I am sure to find another I like.....

Anyone else?


  • OOoh, I'm so intrigued now! What is the girl's name?! (I don't know you so should be ok to share?!)
  • If its a name you love I would use it anyway image and the next time someone says its on their list I would just reply "thats what we are calling the baby if its a girl!" then they can't moan image
  • I'm intrigued too lol! We have our girls name picked for def (Mia) I think you do have that niggle when you know people due before you
  • GC from toddler - and def NOT pregnant haha but my name for a girl was always Sarah Elizabeth. Sarah because I just loved the name and the meaning (princess) and Elizabeth because thats my mum and Gran's name and I thought they go together beautifully.

    My best friend is pregnant and if its a girl she told me that theyre thinking of calling it Sarah Elizabeth!!!! I hadn't even told her our name if ds was a girl but her Gran, who was called Sarah just passed away and her other Gran and her OHs gran are both called Elizabeth so I cant even complain!!

    Im not planning on another child but if I did have another and it were to be a girl I would be soooooo raging that someone close to me had the EXACT same name...but I can't be mad at my friend as her reasons are completely just...but id still call her Sarah Elizabeth the second lol
  • yeah I'd just say that was the name you'd chosen, last time and if he'd been a girl I'd have called him Lily and we are sticking with that name this time if we have a girl even though one of my friends (not too close but even so) has called her little girl Lily. If one of my sisters had used the name I would have been really miffed but it doesn't bother me that a friend has, its quite popular at the moment but its my middle name, mum's name and nan's name so I'm using it no matter what haha
  • yes v intrigued to know the name lol!! but yes do agree can be very frustrating & infuriating to see someone else likes 'your' name or has it on their list, but also very hard to keep it the name you love in as you just want to share!! xx
  • We havent told anyone our names cos it really annoys me when people complain that they dont like it or ask if you are serious.

    I know my mum doesnt like our boys name and pretty sure she wont like the girls one either (Rhys and Willow) But she also didnt like my brothers name choice or my dd's name but has admitted that once you have the baby and thats its name it ends up just being their name and you love it. So for that reason we are keeping schtum.

    We had Charlie for a boy last time, I loved it and hubby liked it too but his sister made such a song and dance about it that he has now changed his mind and tbh im really p****d off about it cos the cow has got her way :P
  • When my SIL was pregnant first time she was going to call baby my girls name that I have been in love with since I was 20! She didn't know this in fairness to her so no stealing. Thankfully she had a little boy and when she was pregnant she had gone off it and I was so so relieved! xxx
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