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signs of labour?

hi everyone...

just wanting some general opinions...

cant wait for labour to get this baby out its beenone uncomfortable not sure ifthis is normal or phychological or what...

i am 38+4 days and this whole week i been having more and more intense brackston hicks... i have had lots ( and right now i am having lots more) of those shooting pains from my front into my stomach....

i have just had a hot bath...know i'm not supposed to but cant really bath any other way. i feel exhausted and at the end stage anyway ...just wondering if this sounds like the birth is getting nearer or they could just be pregnancy symptoms?

baby still moves around and kicks lots and not even sure if hes engaged or not...dont think so?

claire x


  • hello

    a baby doesnt have to be engaged for you to labour so that wont mean a lot, for me i didnt get any pains until my waters went, it may be that you are in labour is there any pattern to them and are they lasting any length of time? if they are getting regualar and lasting it may well be labour, could you phone your midwife and ask if she would mind seeing you for a quick checkup?
  • No don't think there is any pattern ... just if I do a lot ... well not even a lot, if I do anything largely tiring they start a lot. Seeing midwife on weds so I guess ill just ask her then cause its nothing regular.

    Have to rest a lot just feel bad for my hubby and daughter who had to put up with me resting all the time lol. Ah well not long now I guess

  • Dont be silly your pregnant, you should be resting anyway im sure they dont mind x
  • This is my 2nd pregnancy but this pregnancy has been so so different ...

    Like these shooting pains are way hectic ... lol all the symptoms this time have so much more exaggerated wow

    Anyhoo thanx ladies for ur advice and stuff !
  • good luck hope your not kept waiting too long!
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