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35wks and moving house this week woo!!!

We have been living with family for the last 6 mths, and have finally managed to get our own place and are getting keys later this week.

cant wait to be in our own place in time for baby.

It is our third baby, so living with family with 2 young kids and a bump has been we can do things our way, raise our kids our way etc!!

I am not one for sitting back and letting hubby decide where things go (bit of a control freak), although i'll obv not be able to lift anything heavy, so he can lift (and any helpers we have) while i instruct lol.

Just wanted to share y excitement and ask if anyone has moved so close (or closer) to birth and if you have any tips for it going smothly??

Laura 35wks with no. 3 xx


  • Good luck with your move.

    I wish i'd have been able to move before my EDD I've been looking for a bigger property for about 3months now and still nothin' that catches our eye. Still LO can stay in with us till about 6months then his gonna need his own space he cant share with DD afterall it wouldnt be fair on either of them

  • g/c ...just wanted to say i moved at 36weeks with dd, my top tips would be to move stuff over before u move in, iyswim? do it over a few days if possible, let every one else do all the donkey work and u just make sure everything is organized and going in the right place etc and let ur nesting instinct flow with just getting everything nice and clean...definately don't over do it though, i knowit's hard to fight the urge, i kept trying to move stuff around etc, but don't! have fun, and hope ur very happy in ur new home xx
  • i moved at 30 weeks and decorated the whole house myself image it was hard going but so worth being in and sorted, organisation and delegation are top! i always had a list for hubby when he came home!
  • Hi,

    Congratulations on getting your new house. I moved when I was 38+2 with my DS (had him a week later at 39+2!).

    My top tips would be, get in the house and give it a clean (with helpers if possible) before you move in as then it is only putting things away that needs doing when you are moved in. Also have as many people help you on moving day so you can delegate and make tea for all!

    When you are in it's tempting to try and do everything and tire yourself out. Try to just priotrise what needs sorting first and just work through (for me I could relax until the crib was made up and babies clothes were sorted), however there are lots of things that can wait and be done as and when you have a chance over the coming weeks / months.

    I hope the move goes well, try to take it easy!

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