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show sat & long now??

hi ladies,

a quick question.......

i lost a show first thing sat morning, it was yellowy / green and like snot ( sorry tmi) and then again on sunday dinner. I had been having really bad backache so was therefore in the bath and noticed it swim by. lol There was a lot more and this time tinged with blood. When i wiped myself there was even more. I put it on some tissue and called the mau as i am booked in for homebirth and wanted to let them no something maybe be going on.

The backache continued for hours and also mild tightenings irreguarly so they sent a midwife to check me over.

I was told baby is slightly back to back and thats why i am having all the backache, my cervix is 2-3 cm stretchy and soft. She also performed a sweep at the same time. (she said after having children previously it can be slightly open)

i have been having mild to moderate tightenings since 3pm sun, they are coming infrequent and not too painfull just uncomfy. They stop for a while then pick back up again.

anybody had this? im not sure if it is like slow labour? as i havn't had this with my previous 3 i am really unsure.

its driving me mad!!!!!

louise x


  • Hi,

    How many weeks are you? It does sound like you may be in early stages of labour so if you're in the mid 30weeks region id say thats what it is. If youve lost your mucus plug it can still be up to 2 weeks before things get moving properly, if your waters start leaking it will be within 48hours i think. Ive been getting back ache and period pain and im 34 weeks but midwife says its the baby settling down into position in my pelvis ready for the day.

    I hope this helps a little bit, just try to relax and take things easy.

    Becky and bump
  • well i had mine on a tueday with my son then went into labour thursday1 but i think everyone differs here.
  • i had a small show on the wed afternoon and a huge show the early hours of thurday morning when my waters broke

    good luck x
  • hi thanks all

    i am 38+1

    still getting irregular pains and backache. midwife been back out to check me over and i am still 2-3 cm but she says baby has dropped to -1 achial spines and my cervix is effacing hopefully hehe

    trying not to get excited as i know i will be so disappointed if it all stops!!

    partner has got me eating pinapple, bouncing on the birthing ball, and were having a curry tonight! might even persuade him to do the deed!!

    louise x
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