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The first doctor appointment

Hi everyone,

My girlfriend and I have just found out that we are expecting image

She is a bit nervous about arranging a doctor appointment to confirm the pregnancy and she is just wondering what happens next ??...any help or advice would be nice !!



  • Congrats!!

    Normally, they will ask when the Last Mentrual Cycle (to estimate how old is the baby), any health problems like sickness, any concerns like money wise...the GP wont do much at this point of time. the GP wont be checking her urine to confirm the preg. GP will notify the midwife. (u wont get free medicine till u seen by midwife, as she will fill up the form for you)

     u have to wait for your 8 weeks check by the midwife. she will come and ask qnestions like personal details, if u got any preg b4, partner's details, what they gonna do for whole preg.... she will note it down on a preg form (which she got to carry it till she give birth). then u wait again till 12 week scan appointment.

    also depend on where u stay. some places is care by GP and midwife and some places is totally care by midwife. so cant tell u much really. i had both different care when i moved.


  • Congratulations.Go ahead,make the appointment,there's nothing to worry about.

    The doctor will need to know the first day of your girlfriend's last cycle to estimate the due date.They then pass on your details to the midwives that will be looking after you ,and they may phone you to arrange an appointment for booking in,or you may have to arrange with your surgery reception,with us it was always the midwives phoned us.That was the last the doctor had to do with the pregnancy unless there was a problem,the midwives took over from there.

    Different areas are different,but I've had a team of community midwives who you get to know very well ,and it's them you see right through to the end.

    My booking in appointment was at 10 weeks.They ask lots of questions,you fill in a long form.It has questions about your girlfriends health,family history,do you smoke.Previous history of pregnancy.This form becomes your notes,that everyone involved in your care refers to and writes in.Your girlfriend may have to do a urine test at the appointment.I didn't have bloods taken at that stage,that was later.

    The appointment at the doctor is the first step.Sometimes they do a urine test to confirm the pregnancy,not always.Your doctor will be able to answer any questions.

    Good luck with your pregnancyimage


    Welcome to the forum! The others are spot on,nowt to stress about,good luck for the next 9 exciting months!

  • Thankyou very much for your responses !!

    They have answered alot of questions and will book the appointment on Monday! image 

  • when I went to the docs when I found out I was pregnant. She said "dont need to do another test, come back when you are 10 weeks pregnant and we shall book your scan".

    So nothing really happened at mine.

    28 weeks later....haha image

    Good luck at the docs with your girlfriend. before you know it, it will be the 12 week scan! xxxx

  • Hi All,

    I am new to this site too. I am seven weeks today, I went to the doctors when I was about five and a half weeks, my doc told me to ring in about five weeks to make an app with the mid wife, he didnt do a test just took the fact that i had three positive tests at home to be that i was pregnant (thought that was a little odd though).

    A friend of mine says seeing the midwife at about ten/eleven weeks seems a little late as usually it is twelve weeks for your first scan? Do you think I should I call them earlier thatn then?

    Any suggestions will be gratfully accepted - this is my first baby and i dont feel like I have a clue about anything at the minute!!

  • Hi,Helen.

    Maybe ring your surgery,speak to the receptionist who''ll either book you an appointment or if it's too soon they'll tell you.With our surgery you leave your details with the receptionist who has a list of all new pregnacies she passes on to the midwife once a week.The midwife then contacts you to arrange a bookingin appointment around 10 weeks,and the scan is 12-13 weeks.

    Seems it differs from surgery to surgery,so I'd call the receptionist,I'm sure they'll let you know what you need to do.

    Good luck with your pregnancy.


  • I wish good luck on your first exam!
  • I would pick up a pregnancy book from the library. Prepare to be responsible for most if not all cooking and housework for the next 12 weeks as fatigue and nausea kick in soon so she'll need to rest alot. Be extra nice as hormones are all over the place too image
  • Hi all, it's my first time on here image

    My husband and i have just found out that we are going to have a baby and as this is my first, so i welcome any advice people would like to send my way. The trouble is i have no idea when the due date would be as i have always have irregular periods and can't judge at all by them. For some reason my O.H thinks i'm 3 weeks pregnant. image

  • Congrats to you both. Great to have a dad on here. Best advice for you both. Take books, magazines and anything entertaining to every appointment because you never quite know how long you are going to be. Oh, and a drink and snack because throughout those 9 months you could probably have bought all the babies things with the money you'd of spent on hospital vending machines.

    Good luck and keep letting everyone know how you are all doing.


  • Charlottle, you are classed as 4 weeks pregnant from the day your period was due.

    My docs (as i said before) didnt do anything when I went in. no test as their tests are the same as the tests you can buy. My doc told me to book to come in when 10 weeks pregnant as before then its likely to miscarry if at all...

    so I went back at 10 weeks. was lucky VERY LUCKY to hear the heartbreat and was booked in for my 12 week scan image

    so not a lot happens at the doc. as much as we want them to jump up and down and be OMGREALLY...they dont care haha as its "early days". after 10 weeks they are in interested enough to book your scan...and then you are passed onto the midwife! x

  • Congrats to you both!!!!

    All I can say is enjoy the pregnancy as it will go so fast!!!

    Good Luck for feeling the 1st flutterings, kicks, wriggles & seeing your belly moving around!!!

    Before you know it you'll have your baby in your arms!!!! Then the fun starts!!!! ( I have 2 girls 19months & 5 going on 15!!)

    Relax & put your feet up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you for all your comments. image

    At the doctors last week she asked me a few questions, done a test then said i'm more than likely 7-8 weeks, when she saw the look on my face she quickly told me maybe 5-6!!! now if you ask me it sounds like they really don't know. I'm told that a midwife will contact me for a 12 week scan. hmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  • My advice: please, go see a GOOD doctor. especially if it's the first time you are going to see someone. Make sure it's a friendly and capable person. I get so angry when I hear about my friends going to doctors who treat them and their babies like objects. It's a very special time for you and you need all the support you can get. So definitely go by recommendation if possible. Don't gamble.
  • the midwife? to contact you for the scan. well my doctor booked the scan for 12 weeks and a few days before I saw the midwife

    I went to see the doc at 10 weeks pregnant and we were lucky to hear the heart beat!

  • hi all,

    i still haven't heard from the midwife or doctor... hmmm could be 11 weeks now.

  • i have very similar questions, mostly being answered from this post! :) do they ask you about contraception you've used? I started contraception quite early and a bit embarrassed for my partner to find out :/ 

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