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what did you feel like before going into labour?

i am 39+1 with number 3, but have only ever been induced before so dont know what it feels like to go into labour naturally.

yesterday and today i have been so so hot, cant cool down, windows open, and have no reason to be hot, not hot weather, and no heating on.

i feel like my face is sweaty and i feel lke my whole body, esp face is roasting...sometimes i dont notice it so much, then it suddenly comes on, i feel like someone turned on a heater right beside me,

i have also been having tightenings across bump, which arent what id describe as sore but very distracting. i have had period like cramps and low back ache.

i know these are all normal for end of pregnancy, but i cant help wondering if something might be happening very slowly...cause with others i felt completely normal til i was induced at 10 days late.

i also feel like i need to be sick...not immediate going to throw up becasue im trying to not htink about it, but could easily be sick if that makes sense?

i dont know if im just getting my hopes up...altho i really woudl like to go into labour myself this time....

could someone tell me what its like, i know it prob differetn for everyone, but just want to know what to look out for.

i know that when it is real labour i will def know, cause the pain is unmistakeable, but any help woudl be great thanks x


  • i felt very restless the day before i went into labour (went into labour during night with both of mine)

    all i wanted to do was go shopping-had nothing to get but HAD to go and walk round shops.- i say walk loosly as i was hyperventilating and on cruthes for spd but i still HAD to!

  • Nothing at waters went at 40+5 and I was filling the dogs bowl of water up when they went. I was as shocked as the dog haha.

    Strange as I was reading signs for weeks before and nothing at all (including 4 sweeps), that day the only thing that was different was the MW booked me in for induction at 41+2 and I think that made me finally relax as I knew a date when it was def going to happen by if that makes sense. 3 hours after booking induction my waters went

    Good luck x
  • Didn't really feel any different.

    My waters started to go about 36hrs before, so had an inclination it could be labour when I started getting regular braxton hicks or so I thought. Nothing else really gave it away that my baby was coming! x
  • Afraid I didn't get any of the symptoms you describe either, I felt normal the day before (went into labour at 4am with diarrhoea and what I thought were v strong braxton hicks,

    Within an hour full on contractions). My sister though was very emotional all day then started getting mild contractions like you describe, but without the heat. As they would stop if she moved around etc she was told she was in false labour for 2 days before it turned into full on labour and she had the baby the day before she was going to be induced. It may be that you're going to do something similar? Fingers crossed for you and as you say everyone's different xx
  • I felt totally normal. In fact only a few hours before I went into labour I was crying to OH that I had had no signs at all and was worried I'd end up having to be induced.

    I only had a show about an hour before I started pushing and my waters only broke about 5 mins before she was born!

  • I remember (now) having Braxton Hicks over the weekend that took my breath away and I had to hold on to the side in the kitchen until they finished but because they weren't regular I didn't think much of it (been to see the midwife on the Thursday and she told me my cervix was very high and far back and that she would probably def see me the following week image )am guessing now they may have been early contractions. Then the following day (Monday) I remember feeling really down and miserable, no signs, no pain I just didn't feel too good and didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. So hubby took me to the pub in the evening for dinner to cheer me up and I made a plan of what I was going to do for the next couple of weeks before I was induced. I woke at about 545am the following morning with the mother of all contractions and I was in labour!
  • i felt totally normal then went to the loo wiped and my plug was coming away at 6pm, i then woke up at 1 am with contractions.

    my other labour was induced so dont have alot of experience for u.

    i hope things start soon and u avoid ur induction.good luck xxx
  • I'm feeling similar to you, I'm 39 weeks today.

    I've had period type pains since 35 weeks getting steadily more painful/consistant over the last week. I've been losing my mucus plug for the last week or so and last night it was tinged with old blood (I guess this is the bloody show).

    This morning, I was getting pains every 15-20 for about 3 hours but nothing now image

    I've also been horribly hot all day. I just can't cool down.

    Also, I feel like I'm coming down with a cold so the heat could be something to do with that.

    I so want this baby out!
  • people my wife and i are expecting our first and shes been throwing up A LOT  in the last hour and our due date is November 1st and the other night we went to the hospital thinking her water may have been broken and we found out it wasn't so can anyone possibly tell me if we should call her doc or just go in?

  • Call the hospital (the number will be on your wife's maternity notes) they will do a telephone assessment and tell you what to do.

  • im only supposed to be 36 weeks its now the 12th of february .. but when going for an extra growth scan on the 21st of jan .. the lady doing the scan estimated me to be 35wks 4 days and the babys weight to be 5lbs1 .. but no change has been made to my maternity records.. so basically if this lady was right id be 39+weeks now... which if im honest feels about right as my mucus plug is coming away a bit more each day .. yesterday it was also tinged with a tiny little bit of blood .. my braxton hicks are getting more intense .. and i keep getting really sharp shooting pains in my privates.. i feel very very restless and up a height! i never felt any of this with my first son .. as i was well over due with him and had to be induced .. they say that you know your own body better than anyone else.. and i feel like im listening to it .. and beleive it to be telling me that labour is very close! but then when i talk to my midwife .. she tells me im wrong! as im only 36 wks... i just dont know what to beleive any more! its just fustrating! not knowing if im comeing or going! any one have any advice atall for me? it would me so much appreciated x

  • Hi Kelly, they will still go by your 12wk dating scan for your EDD but based upon your 'growth scan' I'd have your hospital bag packed ready for anyday now (your technically full term at 37wks).

    Every pregnancy is different & the signs of labour will not always be the same but as you say nobody knows your body better than you & when labour arrives there is no mistaking it.

  • Heya, I'm 37+6 and these past day or two I've been feeling quite sick and like I need to go to the toilet all the time. I've been having hot flushes and cramps in my tummy and I just keep crying randomly at absolutely nothing. I've never been through this before as its my first and don't know what its like to lose the mucus plug or anything. I'm so uncomfy and restless but wondered if anyone could give me advice as to what may be going on please? Would really help. Thank you x
  • ive been experiencing similar pains and niggles im 38+1i got told by midwife its becausr baby has dropped really quickly so i am internally bruised :/
  • Vicky westwater;

    I was like that for a couple of days but I'm now 38+2 and my contractions have started this morning. Just rest as much as possible and take some time for yourself to chill out. I've been having raspberry leaf teas and having relaxing baths and walking and I found that helped me to feel abit better with it all. I think the more worried or concerned you are about how you feel the worse off it is image. Have a relax hun and you'll Prob find your baby will be here very soon image. Good luck Xx
  • With my previous pregnancy I felt extremely uncomfortable and like you I couldn't cool down and then my stomach started to tighten up and I began having contractions. I started feeling uncomfortable about two days before my consistent contractions.
  • Hi i am 23 weeks pregnant and want to know what its like when ur plug starts coming away, would like as much info as possible as its my first baby thankyou x

  • Hey charrlotte11! When my plug started coming out with my son I started to have heavier discharge at first. I always had some discharge but when it came close to time to have him the discharge got really thick, like snot. It did that for a couple of weeks. Then, bits of brownish discharge came. I didn't lose mine completely until I got to the hospital. I know someone who lost hers completely at home and said it was bloody and clumpy.
  • Hey pps im expecting baby number 6 in 6 wks time but with all previous 5, iv gone into prem labour and delivered before 37wks. Im now wondering if this little 1 is planning on making her appearance in the next few days image, iv been like the devil possesed and having continuous hot flushes, iv spring cleaned the house several times this week literally! ! And having continuous braxton hicks, im suffering sever spd which really isnt helping things either, iv never noticed my mucus plug coming away before but discharge has increased over the last couple of days so im hoping to get to see my ob on thursday to get some reassurance x gud luk every1 x

  • My daughter is 36 weeks, went to the hospital 3 days ago, contractions started 30 mins, then 7 mins, then 4 mins- they sent her home she wasn't dilating.  She has been throwing up since 4:30am this morning she wonders could she be starting labor soon.  I don't know as my water broke and I didn't feel the contractions. Please if anyone could answer

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