Second mums - are you sticking with same bottles?

I dont mean literally the same bottle but the brand.

I used TT last time, LO didnt have colic and ate well but for some reason I didnt like the design, too bulky to hold etc

I am thinking of going Avent this time......

Are you sticking or twist?



  • I used TT last time, not sure why I chose them I think they were on offer at the time and i bought the breast pump and the sterilliser to match. For that reason im buying the same brand again. Actually bought 6 bottles at the weekend as Asda had a two packs of 3 bottles for ??15.

    I found them easy to use and hold and loved the cold water sterilliser that meant I could just chuck the bottles in over a 24hr period and they would be ok to use without faffing about with the microwave.
  • i think the same i had TT for 1st baby and i jus didnt like the design of them and always struggled to get them all in sterliser, i think we are going with avent for this second baby. xx
  • Yes, but only because I still have the steriliser so will use that again! We used Avent, ds was colicky but it's not going to put me off using these bottles again. x
  • I used Mam with my last baby and will definitley use them again. She didn't have colic and they never leaked etc.

  • I used TT and I really like them so sticking with the same this time and going to just buy new bottles. I liked the way that you could buy the small food containers that goes into the bottle.
  • we are gonne be using the same TT ones, i acctually prefer them to avent personally, dont like the avent teats,
  • Yup, we used avent I loved them! I will actually use the same bottles again but will just buy new teats!!

  • We used Dr Browns last time to try to prevent colic and ds had it anyway!! I didnt particularly like the bottles and they came in many pieces to wash!!

    This time we are going to use MAM. They were recently on offer in boots so got them all at a good price.

    PLEASE GOD this baby doesnt get colic too!!!!!!!!!! x
  • Hi, tried avent & TT with 1st baby. preferred TT as baby could grip it easier. Have stuck with TT for all further drinking cups & will probably continue with same brand for this one too.
  • i used boots own last time, dont really know why other than i think if i bought the breast pump i got 1000 pts and the same if i got the chunky bottles too, they were good and belle never had colic or anything, i got rid of my steraliser and everything as i lent it to my sister and really dont want it back, ive bought a new one and im not sure of what bottles to go for tbh, my sister in law says avent are fab???
  • Hi, I used Avent for my 1st and second and since i am still using them as DS is only 1 i will probably use the same bottles as i have steriliser and breast pump.
  • hi, i used nuby last time and they were amazing, will do the same once i stop breastfeeding!! xx
  • I used Dr Browns and DD took to them really well so just going to stick with them although all washing all the bits is a chore and there quite expensive. Lucy is 2 now and still likes her bedtime milk in her bottle so still used to cleaning all the bits !
  • I used TT last time but didnt like the wide teat as it kept pressing on her nose. Eventually i switched to Avent so will defo go straight to avent this time. Also i didnt bother with the small bottles last time but this time i will as they looked massive on a 5lb baby!!!
  • I bought tonnes of TT stuff when DD was born and she just did not get on with them for some reason (the teat always disappeared in on itself). I switched to Avent when she was about 3 months and think they are brill so will use those again this time x
  • i used advent last time and aldo i thought the were fab, i bought TT at the same time (it was the asda baby event) and will use them with this little one.
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