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New Job?

Hi all,

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and currently covering maternity cover for a PR agency until the end of the year, but I'm really fed up and would normally start looking for a new job, signing up to agencies etc., but I don't know if I should knowing that I'll be announcing my pregnancy soon!

I feel like I've really fitted in with the team, and producing good work but I keep getting given all the cr*p jobs! Working with the horrible clients no one wants, and I'm working a position underneath what I'm used to, but really needed a job. I'm amazed that the agency aren't making more of me, and using my skills whilst only having to pay me a lower wage! Even the people who work lower than me get given more responsibility.

It's really getting me down, was nearly in tears this morning and I don't want to keep working here but I'm not sure if I should be looking for a new job at this time.

any advice?



  • Just keep on working and try to find a new job as well image I hope you can hang on there image
  • Randomly an old boss has just text me to ask me to meet him to discuss a new job opportunity! Meeting him Friday but he seems keen, will definitely tell him as he is an old friend and runs his own business so know the company couldn't cope with paying me maternity, but if he is keen to keep me on til Dec and then employ me after, and I can claim maternity then I'm happy. I've only got a job here til the end of the year anyway, and then will have to claim MA anyway!
  • Hi Cas,

    Have you thought about on line selling? In particular Ebay?

    Have a look at

    for some ideas and inspiration!


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