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When should your bump drop?

Just wondering when your bump drops?


  • I think.....when your baby starts to engage, im 37+6 and 3/5ths engaged and mine has just recently dropped slightly
  • I had quite a high bump and its starting to drop quite a bit and everyone i know is noticing and commenting on it. Then i read its when the head starts to engage, but im only 27+3, does this mean my baby might come early?

  • I am 38+5, baby is 3/5 engaged but everyone keeps saying how high my bump is and I have not noticed any changes in it dropping although to be honest, I am not entirely sure what happens when it 'drops' as I feel so huge and firm that I can't see where it can possible move to!?

    Has anyone got any before and after 'dropping' photos to share????

  • Try not to panic Emma, yes your bump will 'drop' slightly once baby starts to engage for delivery but it can also change size and position slightly with baby shifting position in your womb. As 'flutterbump' enjoys laying transverse across my pelvis, my bump always feels low down with my bladder feeling ready to burst everytime I stand.
  • Mine never did! X
  • Your bump dropping has very little relevance to when you will deliver, my sister dropped very early at about 29 weeks and her baby was right in her pelvis, she delivered at 41+2. My bump didn't drop at all until after my waters had gone and my baby was born at 38 exactly x
  • it doesnt have to niticable drop, some women carry high until the end, with my first i dropped ay 34 weeks and he came at 38+6, this time i dropped at about 36 weeks x
  • People say I'm carrying low... Dont think I could cope if my bump got any lower!

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