all day nausia

hi everyone, i am now about 6weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and  i am having a real hard time with this one.

My other 2 pregnancies were very simple and easy and i felt great from start to finish but this one from almost day 1 i have felt sooo drainingly tired and sick, from the moment i wake up till when i fall asleep and i even feel it when i wake up in the night its horrible i havent physically been sick but it just feels like severe travel sickness all day, at 1st i could eat ok but every smell made me feel ill and now i cannot cook as i hate the smell of cooking  and even the thought of food turns my stomach.

 Does anyone have any tips how to get through this, i have two small children to look after and feed and its just making everything so difficult. i am also still  breastfeeding my son so i really feel i should be eating well, i just cant find anything i can eat, i no they say this only lasts 12-14 weeks but im only about 6 weeks and cant bare much more of this.

I Have tryed ginger biscuits, eating little and often and just the basic get out and get fresh air but they dont make it go away.

i no there is no miracle cure for early pregnacy nausier but if anyone has experienced this and has any tips i would be so greatful.

molly xxx


  • i suffered with all day nausea in both pregnancys, the most effective things for me were travel sickness wrist bands, i wore them non stop and you can press the 'buttons' on them for quick relief if you have a bad wave of nausea, posisitioning them correctly is essential though it took me a week to have them 'working' as such.

    i also sucked mints alot, as the smell and taste overwhelmed most others, tictacs got most of there bussiness 07-08 from me lol.

    i also tried 'preggie pops' but found the flavours too odd, normal twinkle pops from my local sweet shop worked well, i can remember the look of horror on my mums face when she collected me one morning at 7am and i had a lolly in my mouth haha

    and when i couldnt face food a smoothie, or good juice with loads of ice made me feel like i was keeping some goodness for bump, and good pregnancy vitamins.

    i really hope this passes for you, i suffered the whole pregnancy with no.1.

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