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Soft Cheese Question

Hello ladies

I know Brie etc is a no no but Im just wondering if I am allowed to eat soft cheese like Philidephia? Thanks image


  • Oh ok fab thanks! x
  • omg... im so glad you can eat philly.... i have it with everything! Wohoo! xXx
  • I miss Brie but if there was no soft cheese either don't know what i'd do!!
  • It's fine and all the other cheeses are ok as long as they're cooked.

    I have blue cheese sauce on steak, deep fried brie and baked camenbert. I wouldn't trust anyone else to cook it though - I like to have seen it bubbling with my own eyes!

    Mrs B xxx
  • My midwife said that you can eat brie and stilton etc as long as it's pasturized (not many of them are). Apparently Sainsburys do it. If you have cravings for it, it might be worth trying to find x
  • Hi - g/c as I not actually pg yet but glad someone asked that cos I was wondering the same!! Would it be the same for laughing cow then?
  • Yes, Laughing Cow is fine and so is Dairylea and Primula etc...

  • Thats a relief! I eat philli and laughing cow light versions all the time and was a little concerned about it. Yay! image
  • I thought most cheese in the UK was pasturised!
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