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Any success stories with a 23-24 day cycle?

Hi ladies, im just gc'ing from ttc, hope you dont mind.

My cycles seem to be getting shorter and shorter, between 23-25 days which i know shouldnt be an issue but my luteal phase is only 9-10 days.

Ive been taking 100mg of b6 as lots of ladies on b.e recommended but it hasnt lengthened luteal phase at all.

I just want to know if there are any ladies that were similar to me, did you manage to conceive naturally or did you need to involve a doctor?

thank you x


  • Hi Andi, When we got this BFP my cycles were pretty short (post mc) i had cycles at 21, 22 and 23 days and the month we caught i OV'd on CD10. It is possible hun. A lady on the KWA thread also had an LP of around 9/10 days and got their BFP too.

    Good luck hun.

  • I'm on TTC too hun and AF arrived this morning for me. I have a 25 days cycle and i have a 2 year old girl.

    I went to the docs and he said it wasn't a problem, just adjust your days accordingly and BD as much as you can for the 5 crucial days around ovulation. All sounds so simple doesn't it and i know it isn't as i'm out this month too!

    Hugs hun. Try not to let it get to you. We conceieved DD the 1st month we tried and i didn't once get stressed. This time round, all i'm doing is thinking about it and AF arrived.

    Lets try to keep each other calm!

    Lots of love, Vicky xx
  • Hiya,

    I was having 21/23 day cycles regularly, and am now about 6 1/2 weeks preg, with no intervention whatsoever. We'd only been trying 3-4 months. So don't give up!
  • swpgizmo, thanks for your reply. Do you know what day you were ovulating on with a 21-23 day cycle?
  • Hi, I've also just conceived on a 22 day cycle, I got my first peak on my monitor on day 10 so I think I ov'ed day 10 because I have a 12 day luteal phase.

    Good luck with everything.
  • Sorry, I haven't a clue! We were being very relaxed about the whole thing, taking the attitude of "if it's meant to be, it'll happen". And it did.

    Interestingly though, the cycle immediately before our BFP was 33 days, I tested (just to be sure) and got a negative. So I say I'm 6 1/2 weeks, but I;m not 100% convinced... will find out soon enough.

    Bottom line, I was all over the place for several years, most months being 21/23 days, and we fell preg after only 3-4 months of "not really trying" image
  • Yup, had success twice now (17 weeks with no 2 and DS is 30 months).

    I'm generally a 22 day cycle. concieved in round 2 first time around and round 4 2nd time around. Never entered my mind that it could be an issue. Couldn't tell you when I ovd first time round as didn't think about it at all. Not sure 2nd time around, the guides said to shorten cycle as appropriate which would have meant ov day 7 or 8. Based on the scan date I probably ov'd nearer to day 13 or 14 as baba is due later than I expected.

    One thing I would say is be aware that you may find that things aren't quite as normal. On both occassions I didn't think I was pregnant as bled virtually on cue - generally lighter but not enough to make me think I was pregnant. It was other symptoms that kicked after the bleeding that stopped that made me realise I could be pregnant each time.

    You will get there. Calmness and not worrying too much is the best advice you can have.
  • I had short cycles too varying from 18-30. Had my 12 week scan this week which dated me at 13 weeks meaning I must have ovulated and conceived around cd7! Good luck xx
  • I have 25 day cycles and 2 children, both conceived in first month TTC image

  • I have always been a 23 day cycle I am 11 weeksmpregnant did take us 8 months to concieve though.


    good luck x

  • 23 day cycle,do any of u ladies no when the best tym to concieve is pls??Xx

  • I just got my period and was super bummed but Im feeling really bloated hot flashes like crazy and SO thirsty and headaches!!! these started before period now my period is gone and am still feeling symptoms I'm also on a 23 day cycle!! What were your symptoms that made you think you were preg even after period??

  • My last lot if cyclez have been 30 day cycle 16 42 21 25 just turned 44 is there any hope dont know the best days for me. :(

  • i have a 23 day cycle according to my bbt i ovulated cycle 13 ... how many dpo am i ? 6 or 7? i easily get confused ... help

  • I have a normal cycle every month of 21 to 23 days. I am 3 days late. When would a pregnancy test read positive with this cycle?

  • I have a very regular 23 to 24 day cycle. we tried for almost a year and I was getting discourage, that I stopped carrying. I know that is hard to believe, but I just got tired of tracking cycles and taking test.... but I got my BFP yesterday :). So I think it can happend for you too.

    My pregnancy test showed BFP at day 21 of my cycle (3 weeks from the beggining of my last period)

    PS: I did started taking Iron supplements and eating lost of bannanas, because my general doctor said I was low in iron. I did this for 4 months and then I gave up for one month because I was so discourage, that same month I found out I was pregnant.

  • Howd you concieve

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