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Just wondered if anyone had tried the pregnancy drink WaterBaby. I've seen it reviewed on lots of blogs. It contains your full RDA of folic acid plus other prenatal vitamins and minerals. Its recommended for people who suffer with morning sickness (like me) as its more gentle on your stomach than tablets if you feel sick or havent eaten. Anyone tried it? x


  • Iv not tried it or even heard of it but sounds gd

    X x
  • Hi,

    i got given someof this yesterday at a NCT sale, it tastes revolting!!! I couldnt even get the bottle down!!! But thats jsut me think it was the aftertaste that got me tasted like crushed up tablets in there and is quite bitter! Try taking your tablets at night thats what i did when i had morning sickness and it really helped! xx
  • Hi I also got given some of this drink at an NCT event a few months back - only difference is I absolutely love it. Like Trish I'd seen WaterBaby reviewed on lots of blogs, but didnt know what it was like. Once I had received my NCT sample I ordered some more of the pregnancy drink off the WaterBaby website. For me it tastes really nice and as a sufferer of terrible morning sickness I found it far more comfortable to take than my pregnacare tablets. I felt so sick it got to the point I couldnt take any tablets and was really worried about not getting my folic acid down me. So WaterBaby has been a real bonus. Plus i'm always buying bottled water anyway so for me the vits were an added bonus!!
  • Hmmm sounds like the WaterBaby PR has been on the forum! Two posts, both accounts set up on the day of the post, and only one post so far...

    Maybe I'm just suspicious!!
  • haha I think u might be right!!! Don't think they were counting on me telling the truth about what its tastes like!! xx
  • I don't know for sure if there is something dodgy going on here (would prefer to think the best of people!) BUT it is worth noting that "falsely representing onself as a consumer" is actually an offence - (see consumer protection from unfair trading regulations).
  • throughout my pregnancies i chose to take the folic acid tablets at night as broodychops suggested. at least you know you have taken the correct ammount of folic acid, with the bottled folic acid you have to drink the whole bottle which i personally would have been rubbish at remembering to do. also when looking at the waterbaby product there seems no mention of medical backing. i would stick with the tablets, cheap, effective and you know exactly what your babies are taking in.
  • WaterBaby contains the recommended daily allowance of folic acid and a blend of vitamins and minerals to offer extra help and support during conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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