Did anyone get pregnant naturally after trying over 12 months?

Me and hubby have been trying for 14 months now (this is our 15th), and I was wondering if anyone on here got pregnant naturally after 12 months of trying.

The Dr said that the chances of it happening now naturally are low and I was just wondering if many people had beaten the odds?


  • hi 2 f my close friends have fallen pregnant after 12 month mark, one has just had her baby and the other is 13 weeks pregnant.

    They both fell pregnant using agnus castus for 2 or 3 months, taking it up until ov.

    hope this helps xx
  • Hi TiggerRoouk,

    I think there is plenty of hope and know of a few people who have conceived naturally well after a year.

    I was trying for 16 months and got my BFP about 3 weeks ago - We were actually planning a baby well over two years ago but had to have operations before we could even start trying.

    I felt as though my chances of conceiving naturally were slim as I had ovulated every month and surely it would have happened by now if it was going to. We had all the tests and were awaiting the next step of IUI or IVF when I got my BFP.

    In that time I tried everything but felt that the acupuncture and Chinese medicine I had in the last 5 months may have helped.

    Wishing you lots of luck and hope you get your long awaited BFP soon xxx
  • That is great news Onebabyplease - after trying for 14 months now I can only imagine how fantastic you much feel as I think I would be in shock if we got our BFP now! I too have ovulated every month and we are probably going to be starting IUI in January.

    Can I ask what chinese medicine you had? I'm getting to the stage now when I'm prepared to try anything.

    I'm so so pleased for you! Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy image
  • Currently 36 weeks pregnant I got pregnant naturally after trying for 4 years... However I did loose 3 stone just before which helped and I do have polycystic ovaries!
  • I fell pg naturally after just under 2 years tried clomid and everything but that didn't work. Fell pg waiting for Lap and dye

    X x
  • not me, but a friend of a friend and her partner were trying for about 2 years, went through 2 rounds of IVf. They were offered a 3rd but felt they needed a break, went on holiday and came back to a BFP! I guess in some cases the stress does have an impact.

    Good luck! x
  • I got pregnant naturally with unexplained infertility after refusing IVF on month 24 there is always a chance hun. I joined the LTTTC forum and a few of us left at the same time, we all had been trying longer than 20 months and most of us were natural. There is always hope xx have you had or been offered any tests?
  • Hi, it wasn't me but a friend was trying for over 3 years, she wasn't suitable for ivf/icsi, but had unexplained infertility and they fell naturally in the end. She's actually 13 weeks pregnant a 2nd time, and fell first month of trying this time, so because it takes a while the first time, doesn't mean it will the next too. They didn't think they would have anymore after their little girl.

    Good luck!

  • It's not all doom and gloom then :roll: Hopeful it will just happen for us when the time is right - just wish a little miracle would happen to us soon
  • We got pregnant naturally after 22 months!!! This time round it was the first month so we didn't have any problems!! It's really hard when each month comes and goes...we had pretty much given up and said we would go to the docs after another 6 months. It took me until I was 9 days late to test as i didn't enter my head I could be pregnant before that!!!

    Good luck!!!! xxx
  • YEP have my alfie now, hes 3 weeks old, delivered by my consultant who recommended i start ivf. We wernt using any contraception for years but it never clicked that i had fertility problems until i had a laproscopy for endo and pcos that i relised i had never gotten pregnant we tried for around 18 months and took a break just before ivf to get married and i was pregnant 8 weeks later xxx
  • Hi tigeroo,

    Glad to hear your feeling more positive....ttc is such a rollercoaster of emotions!

    I was prescribed some Chinese medicine by my acupuncturist called planting seeds, I think they concentrate on the implantation stage. For me it was a case of getting my periods more regular and settled. They found mild polycystic ovaries with me but we had no other obvious problems.

    I think the acupuncture and medicine helped, but I also started jogging every day, I was a normal size anyway but I think even a little extra weight can effect your fertility. It's hard to pin point if any of these were responsible for my BFP or if it was just my time. The whole "relax and it will happen" did not ring true in my case....I was still using CBFM, pre seed, temping and pulling my hair out when I got the good news!

    Wishing you all the luck in the world and like you said...it is so so special when you finally get there xxx
  • It's nice to hear that it happens to a few people. I think that I just need to relax a bit and carry on losing the pounds! image
  • we did after 18 months and after being recomended for ICSI and then with our current pregnancy it took 12 months, good luck chick xx
  • Thanks ladies. I'm trying to be a bit more positive and think that it will happen to us one day it just might take longer than some. It just means that our baby when it arrive will be even more precious. Me and hubby are starting a full on health kick now and are both starting to take vitamins, and have now totally gone de-caf (we tried before but we weren't that successful). I've lost over half a stone and have started going to the gym regularly. I'm just hoping there our little miracle will happen soon image
  • i feel your pain chick there is nothing more heartbreaking than waiting so long i hope and pray you get a lovely bfp soon, if you haven't already pop over to the lttc thread they are lovely over there x
  • Another one here - it was nearly 18 months and we were being referred for IVF. I had a HSG the month before I conceived and suspect that cleared me out. Second was much quicker! Good luck! x
  • Hi TiggerRoouk I'm in the same boat as you hun, currently on month 14 of TTC. My doctor has been slightly different to yours, she said that anything up to two years is normal when TTC but it doesn't make me feel any better. I can't help but think that they just say that because that is how long you have to wait for a referral in Wales.

    My CD 21 bloods were ok, just waiting for my DH to do another SA at the end of Nov. We were told that the sample wasn't big enough to test the first time around. I'll be glad when we have the results because at the moment I feel like we're TTC with little of hope of getting a BFP as I'm now convinced that there must be an issue. All the waiting and hoping is so hard, I was really upset last month so this month I'm not temping or using the CBFM. I'm just going to bed regulary and enjoy my time with my hubby.

    Hope you get your BFP soon hun, its nice to know that people on here have manged to do it after the 12 month mark. What is your next stage in the TTC process? Are you waiting for any tests? x
  • Hi loopy,

    I'm currently awaiting some blood tests results to check my hormone levels to see if I have mild PCO in my left ovary. However, I had a scan today for my follicle tracking and I have got a follicle on my left ovary! So excited just wish it would happen. Me and hubby are both taking multi-vits now and I've ordered some bee pollen, bee propolis and royal jelly as I found by chance a post saying that someone had seen that it was meant to increase fertility. Anyway I googled it and there is so much stuff about pollen/propolis and royal jelly and improving infertility. I'm not totally convinced that it will do anything, but at this stage I'm willing to try anything to be honest. We have gone de-caf aswell, so are going to try and do everything right for 3 months as in January we hope to start IUI. I'm just hoping that we all get a BFP soon! I just can't wait to see and hold my little miracle image I know we will all get there in the end....x
  • ye me and my bf were ttc for atleast a year and a half before we got a positive i thought there was something wrong tried everything ovulation tests we eventually got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl i think when its time its time i was devasted when i couldnt get pregnant but then on my second (im pregnant now) it was almost instint we werent evan trying really cuz we thought it would take so long i think stress has alot to do with it you should just go out for the night enjoy yourself and really let go just put it out of your head and see what happens best of luck!!!
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