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Anyone as Gender obsessed as me??

Hi all,

I am only 9+2 but am already gender obsessed! I have been trawling the internet for different clues as to the gender of this baby!

I have tried the chinese gender calculator, weeing on bicarbonate of soda, and having my 6 week scan assess by an 'expert' on another site to see which site my bean had implanted as apparently this is also an indicator!

Is anyone else this Gender obsessed? lol!



  • I was completely obsessed. All the old wives tales and gender predictors pointed to having a boy but i'm having a little girl!!

  • Oh no don't tell me that wispa! Which ones have you done that were wrong? X
  • I loved the guessing game. With DD1 the only thing that hinted she was going to be a girl was the chinese gender predictor, we really expected a boy and were pleasantly surprised. DD2 we instinctively knew would be a girl though again some of the wivestales hinted she would be a boy (4 magpies, bump high and to the front). The most accurate thing I found to go by was fetal heartrate which you won't normally get access to until 2nd trimester. Galloping horse 140+ tends to be female whilst lazy trains 118-140 tend to be male.
  • Babyexpert one was wrong, and some traditional chinese predictor ones i googled was wrong. Sorry!!! Hehe

  • They were all wrong for me! Everything said boy (as did everyone) but I had a little girl. I really wanted to find out at the 20 week scan but hubby didnt so we didnt find out in the end. I was so, so glad that I didnt when the baby was born though. The midwife had asked us during labour if we knew what the sex was and we said no, so she said 'thats a job for dad then'. On that final push she toweled the baby off and opened her legs so that my hubby could see and he shouted out 'Its a girl! We've got a girl!'. It was the most wonderful experience.

    Just a word of warning if you do choose to find out. My cousin was told she was having a girl at her 20 week scan and had it confirmed with a 3D scan. She bought everything in pink and then had a gorgeous little boy! She was able to exchange everything but she and her hubby struggled to get their heads around it to begin with. Obviously now he is here they couldnt care less, but it was a bit of a shock!
  • Meeeeeee!!!

    I'm completely obsessed, have been with almost every baby lol but after 5 boys i'm praying for this last baby to be a girl. I've been on a well known gender site nub checking everyday checking for clues ha ha my oh is getting annoyed now & said just go for gender scan (we agreed we wouldn't this time) xx
  • So what is the implantation site thing then? What side means what? xx
  • i am trying really hard not to be but just can't help it! With DD1 I REALLY wanted a girl and even after the scan when I was told we were having a girl "as far as she could tell" I didn't completely believe it and was really worried about feeling freaked out if they'd got it wrong and a boy was born like your cousin Glitterbug. Deep down I just wanted a healthy baby but I had been thinking of my bump as her for so long it would have been hard to adapt. Anyway, she was a girl and all was well.

    2nd time around I tried to tell myself i wasn't bothered but by the 20week scan I really wanted another girl again. I wasn't quite as obsessed but was so happy when I found out we were having another DD (confirmed by 2 sonographers this time so a lot more confidently!).

    This time around DH is DESPERATE for a boy. With 2 DDs plus a female cat & dog he's feeling seriously outnumbered so I'm trying to be supportive of that but really, would love another girlie!! Can;t tell him that though - am only allowed to refer to Beanie as "he" and send postive boy vibes at it sorry him! Have already been on loads of gender prediction sites and am getting a 50/50 result!

    Interestingly, this site (which is the only one I've found that takes into account both of your ages) is spot on for both my DDs and based on my LMP date says girl for this one but if I add 11 days (both DDs born 11 days after LMP date) it says boy. So who knows!

    One other thing that was accurate for me with DD2 is on your 12 week scan photo there is a little nub on the baby's lower tummy if that is sticking up by more than 45 degrees it's a girl and if it's less than 45degrees it's a boy. Apparently. But it was correct for DD2!

    Sorry did i say i was trying not to be gender obsessed....?!
  • I am sssssoooooo looking forward to finding out image i have done a predictor it says girl but time will tell untill 20 weeks i'll be driving myself mad!! he he :lol:
  • Ooh I thought I would be the only one frequenting gender site obsessing over nub shots! My 12 week scan is in 2 weeks 1 day so I am trying to ensure I know what I am looking for!

    The implantation apparently happens on the left for girls and right for boys but this is only reliable before 8 weeks as then they can move.

    The bicarbonate of soda test is where you take 1 tsp of bi carb and add the same amount of FMU. If it fizzes then it's a boy if it doesn't it's a girl!

    I have also bought 2 gender maker tests but these have both turned purple so no clues there!!

  • Jacobsmummy maybe u will have 1 of each?? LOL not long till ur first scan then it will hopefully go quickly to ur 20 week one image else u will be driving yourself mad image
  • I was convinced DD 1 would be a boy but at 20 week scan found out she was a girl. I, like you did all the gender predictors and they were wrong. I was also told if you didn't have any morning sickness it was a boy-also wrong lol.

    This time around I felt exactly the same-carbon copy pregnancy and its another girl.

    I'm not sure any of the theories work tbh but they are fun all the same.

  • I was convinced with my ds i was expecting a girl till 20 week scan lol i am now convinced i'm carrying a boy again even though a completely different pregnancy so far! wonder if i'm right this time? :lol:
  • Question- on the chinese predictor things, when they say month of conception are you going for month of LMP or month of actual conception? Mine are different x
  • oooh mine are too. I hadn't factored that in...
  • When I was pregnant with DD all the gender predictions said boy, everyone else said boy due to how I 'looked', and my mothers instinct also felt boy - all wrong! This time, all pregnancy symptoms was the same as DD which made us think girl, everyone else thought girl, my mothers instinct thought girl - again all wrong. We was told boy at our 20 week scan!

    Chinese gender predictions - I assumed you used the month of conception and not month of LMP xx
  • I think that makes me girl then x
  • I've always used month of conception not LMP which gives me boy on most ofthem!
  • I was told I was having a boy and ended up with a little girl. I was convinced I was having a boy, all the gender predictors said so and at my 20 wk scan when they 'confirmed' it I said yep told you to hubby, not that minded either way. We already had a little girl and had lost a little boy, the pregnancy seemed so like the boy's one and to be honest I was of course delighted to have a heathy gorgeous girl but I felt I lost another boy in a way so my advice is to try not get too caught up if you can x
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