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anyone getting flu jab?

I work in the NHS so have been offered the flu jab through work. I know they are also suggesting you get it if pg.

Not sure whether to get it, has anyone else had it done while pg?


  • The normal 'risk guideline' is to avoid during first trimester but having had 2 pregnancies, one where I caught flu and one where I had the jab, if you work in an environment where you're likely to be exposed to flu it's best to get the jab. You may experience slight snuffles with the jab but you won't be bed-ridden with the flu.
  • I have received a letter about having a flu jab....and i am still umming and arrrhhhing about whether too or not!!

  • i had mine on monday, was 17 weeks and now feel rough.

    i have obviously reacted a bit badly compared to most people, but i blame the cold weather and also looking after no1 on my own while hubs is at work! i reckon few days in bed should sort me out.
  • I'm totally undecided too. Am only just pg (4+6) so will be in my first trimester for most of the peak flu season. I was pg with DD2 at the height of the swine flu scare and was offered the SF jab then but refused it as it was so new. Am more confident that the job is tried and tested on pg ladies now but still apprehensive. Just don't like the idea of taking virus into my system unless I have to. I'm also a fairly robust type and don't work in healthcare or with small children so am fairly low risk. Although I do have a 4 and a 1 year old...!
  • i had the flu jab a few weeks ago and had similar concerns about having it whilst pg however the nurse said it is a far higher risk obviously to catch the flu and the jab won't harm the baby just protect it, i had a sore arm for about 3 days but that was about it for me.
  • I had it last week x
  • I had mine on Tuesday and had a bit of a sore arm that night. I've had no flu symptoms whatsoever and now feel at ease that I won't have to worry about catching swine flu this winter and being hospitalised!
  • I have my jab booked for the 7th november, I ummed and aahed about it, but decided I'd rather feel a little ill form the jab than completley ill form the flu, and the protection is passed onto the baby, and protects both of you for 6 months, so in my opinion, there were more positives than negatives!

    Jo xx
  • Had mine last Thursday as asthmatic and pregnant and, apart from a sore arm at injection site, no side effects. There is no live virus in the vaccine so you don't get flu and its nice to know that our babies are protected for up to 6 months too.

    Em xx 36+2 weeks
  • I'll be ist trimester until the middle of Dec- do you think I'll get offered it? x
  • I had it two weeks ago and had no side effect whatsoever, the injection itself can't make you feel ill as there is no live bacteria in it, so it's a bit of a bad luck if you feel ill at the same time / shortly after getting's lovely to know both me and baby are protected now and for the rest of the flu season!
  • i had it and would recommend anyone else to get it too, regardless of whether they are pregnant or not. I'm diabetic and ashmatic but also susceptible to getting colds frequently. I've been having the jab for the last 10 or so years and find I don't get half the amount of colds I used to, and I can always feel when I'm due my next one, the last couple of months of summer I start getting colds again as it wears off.

    When I was pregnant with my first 2 1/2 years ago, we weren't allowed the flu jab and I got every cold going, so as soon as my surgery was offering it this time, I had it.
  • I had mine Monday & I feel totally fine x
  • I had mine a couple of weeks ago and got the runs imageops: a few hours after. Apart from that and a sore arm I've felt ok
  • I had mine a week ago and had no effects at all. I refused the swine flu jab in my first PG as I felt it was too new, but I feel more comfortable with the seasonal flu jab.
  • hey ladies, I had mine last Friday, nurse told me its fine at any stage of pregnancy nowadays. I have had a bad cold now since sun and am in bed however that was on its way beforehand. Think its definitely worth having as influenza can cause problems in pregnancy.
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