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second + pregnancy's movement?

How early did u feel movement in 2 or subsequent pregnancy's I'm only 11+1 so sure mines only wind :roll: but just wondered !! image


  • feklt nbaby at about 18 weeks with my second was about 22 weeks with my first. once id felt it that first time in this pregnancy it just got stronger and stronger....i think its wether your willing to believe if its baby or gurgly guts lol
  • i have a sticky keyboard lol
  • lol i'm sure mine is grumbly guts atm it doesnt half feel like the first flutterings i felt with my ds1 imageimage
  • i felt movements at 8 weeks but i was having twins
  • 19 weeks with no1

    15 weeks with no2

  • 15 weeks with no 1

    11 weeks with no 2

    So it could be movement!
  • oh wow thanks image i said last night it felt like movement its just occasionally when i'm sat relaxing image Ahh but i was told by my mw i could be having twins as i had bad sickness very early!!! scan next week so will see image xx

  • and it was about 15 weeks with ds1 imageimage
  • I felt a definite kick at 11 weeks - stopped me in my tracks! Nothing after that though until 21 weeks as i had an anterior placenta. No idea how that first whack got through! X
  • well i'm pretty sure i have felt some definite thuds LOL i'm sssooooo excited image
  • About 22 weeks with DD1 and 16 weeks with DD2 althoughni still wasn't totally sure if it was bubs or wind!!
  • i had no syptoms at all when i had the twins,so really it means nothing :lol:
  • lol goodness that must have been a real surprise imagexx
  • 22 weeks with no1

    13-14 with no2!!
  • Hiya, I felt DD1 at about 21 weeks and DD2+3 at 14 weeks although they were twins. My sickness was worse with my first pregnancy than my second so although they say sickness is worse with twins i certainly didnt experience this. In fact early pregnancy was quite smooth with the twins. Also waiting to find out if i am carrying twins again, feel bit nauseous but havent actually been sick at all image
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