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Hello all, not sure if anyone is here from last time I was here 3 years ago but now have new username (was sarahncraig) Well better introduce myself i am Sarah and married to Craig we have 3 daughters age 5 and fraternal twins age 3 and we have just found out that we are expecting again, which is a massive shock as we were certainly not trying! In fact i am at college studying to become a MIDWIFE! Not sure yet when I am due should have a scan this week just to check how many babies there are, but would love to hear from someone else expecting as i am stupidly very nervous.

Also if anyone is still here that I am friends with on FB please dont mention on my post as i havent even told my mum yet image


  • aww congrats hun xx i was on about 2-3 years ago my son was born in april 09 x i'm pregnant with no.2 due may 9th x i'm very nervous this time as had many complications last time got my scan 31st oct image hope ur pregnancy goes smoothly xx image
  • HI Carly, thank you. Congratulations to you too. I still don't know what to think at the moment, I am really nervous that baby might be Babies! not sure how I am going to cope with 4/5 under 6!! plus still taking the news in... :?
  • wow yes it must be a worry ! I was told by my mw that i may have twins cos i had sickness really early! she was enjoying winding me up lol ! but i seem more settled now but anxiously waiting for my scan as u must be image pls let me know how u get on!! xxx
  • Hi Sarah! Just seen your post in DIJ too image

    Good that you get to have an early scan so will know if it's twins or not ASAP! how far along are you?

  • hiya sarah im sure i remember you i have a 3 year old and a 2 year olod and am 23 weeks pregnant with my 3rd congratulations xxx
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