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Dr has prescribed me medication for sickness but is it safe?

Hi ladies,

U rejoined this site last week after finding out I was on my 4th pregnancy.

I have always suffered from morning sickness but this time it is with me with vengence! Especially this past week...

(tmi alert) everytime I eat, no matter what it is, within an hour it is visiting the toilet! So today I went to see my dr and he gave me some avomine and said it was safe to take. When I got home I read the leaflet which said only to be taken in pregnancy unless under medical supervision. So I decided to google the medication and it said that it can be taken if the benefits to the mother outweigh the risks to the baby. So now I am sitting here and dont really want to take it.

So I was wondering if anyone else has taken this during their pregnancy??

Any advice would be gratefully received

Many Thanks

Lisa x


  • It's fine. First choice in pregnancy as it's an older drug. There are few drugs "safe" in pregnancy, because no one would would give ethical approval to test pregnant women. The best you'll ever get is to avoid "unless benefits outweigh risks". But it is first choice.

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