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G/C from TTC with a question . . .

Hi ladies,

Congratulations to you all on your pregnancies and healthy and happy 9 months to you all.

I just wanted to ask: how soon did you know you were pregnant? Did you feel different straight away or was it the missed period that tipped you off?

Just wondering if there are early signs to look out for and any rough time frames of these.

Thanks in advance x


  • I kinda knew I was pg a few days before AF was due as my boobs got bigger and felt sire which iv never had before I was super thirsty, tired and just kinda knew. Did the test a week after which confirmed. This was after 2 yrs ttc!! And rounds of clomid that didn't work!!

    X x
  • I think I am probably a bit of a super freak but with both my pregnancies I just knew.

    With my DD I wasn't so aware - I got mega drunk a week before BFP but a couple of days before AF was due I did my 1st EVER pregnancy test, I just had this feeling I was pregnant. It was a BFN but I didn't believe it for some reason so a couple of days later I did another one and it was a BFP and DD is now 2 1/2!

    With this pregnancy I knew I was pregnant from what was just after ovaluation!!!! I felt completely different (nothing I can explain) but I just knew!! Again before AF was due I tested and got BFN but waited another day (after an early morning trip to the next sale!!!) and did another one when I got home and it was BFP. I'm now 23 pregnant with DS.

    The most noticable thing the 2nd time was triedness - completed exhaustion almost immediately! And i also get the metallic taste in my mouth which i know not all people do but i had it with both!!

    Good Luck - I hope you get your BFP soon! image
  • i thought af was on its way. i woke up on the sat (think it was 8dpo) with really bad cramps and spotting!! the days after that i was really grumpy, tired and crampy. got up on the wed morning (12dpo) and decided to test. left test in bathroom while getting ready and then checked test. couldnt believe it when i saw a faint 2nd line. after 15 months ttc, you cant imagine seeing those 2 lines. so 8dpo must of been implantation! but defo af symptoms are identical to preg symptoms so dont give up until af shows!!

    sending you loads of babydust and hope you get ur bfp very soon xxx
  • Thanks for the replies ladies.

    I only OV'd last week but since about Sunday have had a weird feeling in my tummy (almost like a pulled muscle but much lighter), feel nauseous quite a lot, am shattered and can't stop using the loo! But it just seems like it must be coincidental as it would be way too early to have any symptoms surely . . . oh well, just have to wait and see!

    Thanks again x
  • The first time round I only found out when I was 6 weeks. We weren't trying to get pregnant, I was on the pill and had missed a couple but been on the pill for 10 years at this point and was always missing the odd one or two so didn't think about it! Missed my period but as I was planning both my wedding and my hen do around the same time put it down to stress. Got very very drunk at hen do, and still felt hungover a week later. Left it a few more days, thinking I was still hungover / run down, before thinking I'd go to doctors. At this point I still hadn't had a period but still hadn't occurred to me I was pregnant. 2 weeks after being due I made an appointment at the doctor and thought the first thing they're going to ask is 'am I pregnant?' so I'll do a test so I can tell them no. That's when the positive line came up, even before the line to say the test was successful came up. I remember thinking 'Sh*t that wasn't supposed to happen'. so I did another test, same thing happened!

    This time we'd been off the pill for 6 months, not actively trying but hoping it would happen at some point. I had a funny feeling a few days before AF was due, but waited til the day after I was due then curiosity got the better of me so i did a test. both times I felt a bit icky, tired, very hungry and like I had a hangover.

    good luck, I hope you are!
  • I had had blood test to confirm ovulation (I was having fertility treatment). Sat watching TV one afternoon and it suddenly dawned on me that my period should be with me. Wierdly after over 3 years TTC I just had a good feeling as I took the test that it was going to be positive. The only symptom I had was sore boobs.

    Good luck! x
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