for those who got pregnant straight after miscarriage

Hi, i had a very early mc/ chemical pregnancy 4 weeks ago. don't think baby ever implanted as i spotted a week before before i miscarriage. i have had a miscarriage before and i was lucky to catch on straight after with no af. i remember though that i got negative results before my bfp. think i was 6 weeks before i got a positive. i am now 4 weeks after miscarriage and did a test Monday. have to admit it was half way through the day and was a little early for me to test. do you think there is a chance i still could be pregnant? Still no sign of af x


  • defo a chance if you have let there be (if u get me lol) what kinda test you do as some are more sensitive than other, i just had a chemical m.c on the 31st/1st ans still bleeding but hoping its gonna stop soon as im so tired and no energy for my other 2 kids, ther is def a chance chick, maybe wait for few days and test again>?
  • I did a sainsburys test. haven't a clue how sensitive they are????
  • Maybe get another brand, clear blue digital will tell the truth
  • i have a friend who had a 'miscarriage' at 7 weeks, only to discover 4 months later that she was actually still pregnant with the same baby!
  • I had a mc at 6 weeks in sept & caught straight away! Now 17 wks... First few tests i did were bfn but after a few days became a bfp! Wouldn't do a clear blue digital as they are not as sensitive as some! I swear by first response or superdrugs own. Fingers crossed but don't build hopes up too much as af can be slightly messed around after mc.
  • Af got me so back ttc again this month. Only bd once just after ewcm so not feeling too positive image
  • aww that suz Glimmer, hoping for this month, my fertility thing says test tomorrow, but i might wait till end of month to see if AF arive x
  • i got my bfn"!!
  • Thought u already had a BFP glimmer
  • Sorry its meant to say bfp . i did get it week ago but couldn't remember if id told everyone in this forum!! whoops!!
  • haha a was away to say, thought i was seeing things lol x
  • Hi I had an mc on the 24th April I was 5wks I found out last week I am pregnant again I have had no period since my mc and really worried it will happen again. I think I am now 6wks x x
  • Rachiebaby I haa a 2nd mc back in aug/sep caught straight away before next cycle and was petrified all the way through.... Now 37 weeks and bby due any day... Keep positive and everything crossed for you. I booked & went to a few private reassurance scans at ??40 a time was well worth the money! X
  • hi, i had a miscarriage in january at 10 weeks,I was told it was a "blighted ovum" as there was only a sac,no baby to be was the worst thing ive ever had to go through. We waited to try again then i fell pregnant again in april and lost it at 5 weeks.I am now 5 weeks pregnant and so scared im going to have another miscarriage!Anyone out there thats had 2 M/C and gone to have a normal pregnancy? thank you

  • could someone help me - i was told two weeks ago the day after i found out i was pregnant that i had miscarried two weeks before i had even found out now two weeks from findiding out i find out im pregnant did test a doctors 


    when i found out i had misscarried it was like the 29th august so i misccaried (she told me she couldnt see anything on the screen) around 14th and thats when i bleed, this happend for about 5 days on 29th i had my first period it lasted 4 days was painfull but not heavy, me and my partner havent stopped trying and im still gaining weight and still feel sick.

    am i pregnant or is my test just saying im pregnant since i misscarried nearly a month ago?

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