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Hello again

I haven't been on here for ages, but I just wanted to see if anyone who "knew" me is still about, and if so how they're doing.

A few of us were reminiscing and hoping to catch up with some of you in particular and lots of you in general, either here or on the littler forum we use now, The Nest 

I now have two DDs aged 3 and just 2, and am nearly 10 weeks with number 3 image

Really hoping to "speak" soon!


  • Hi PT, i was on the due in dec 08 forum, many moons ago! When i saw your name i recognised it! :lol:

    I havent been on here for over 2 years and just recentley re-registered on here. We are ttc baby no.2 and our ds is now 3!

    Just thought i would say hello and glad to here you are well!

    Caz xxx
  • Hello, I remember you from Baby - DD is 2 in 3 weeks time and I'm 38+2 with baby number 2. I do pop into The Nest from time to time but it's hard to keep up with all the different forums!

    Congratulations on baby no 3 - you are a braver woman than I!
  • i remember you image

    congrats on no3 on the way, xx
  • I remember you. I was on due in Sept 09. Have Ds1 who is 4half and Ds2 who is 2half. I am also 10w pg with no 3. image


  • hey PTB just came on to see if any 'old faces' where about!!! hope you are well im 34 weeks with number 3!!! xx
  • I remember you! I used to frequent the nest a lot. I'm 18 weeks pg with number 3, congrats on your number 3!
  • Oh it's so nice to hear from so many of you! Amazing to hear that we're on second and third babies - congratulations to those of you who have fallen pregnant or had babies since we last "spoke". Lizzie, just looked at when you posted - are you in labour as we speak?! I hope you're all keeping well.

    I feel absolutely vile with this pregnancy, but am trying not to get down about it even though I find it hard to think about anything else. I had my scan today and all is well, and I'm just trying to focus on how very lucky I am and hope the constant sick, hungry, tired, stomach-churning feelings go away soon. I was lucky enough to escape all that with my first two and it has come as a shock. I just want to curl up and weep quite a lot of the time, and I hate myself for being so self-pitying! 

    Really nice to catch up a bit - good luck/happy pregnancy/take care everyone!

  • Hi pt! I remember you! I was on due in sept 09 and am currently 16 weeks with my 2nd. Lovely to catch up on where others are at in their lives! xx

  • -moonbean- wrote (see)
    hey PTB just came on to see if any 'old faces' where about!!! hope you are well im 34 weeks with number 3!!! xx

    Moonbeam.... I remember you..... 


  • I remember a lot of you too (I was originally jph5uk), I was on here back in 2007/08 in the ttc forum and then in the due Jan 2009 forum, my LO is 3 now, can't believe how fast it has gone by! X
  • imageHey,

    I remember you. We were on Dec 08 forum together. I was gemma118 then. I havnt been on here for ages. Came back for a bit when I had no 2 in Dec 10. Thinking of ttc no 3 later on in the year .

    Congrats to you.x

  • Hello! (and thank you!) 

  • Hi PTB  *Waves*  Long time no post!!!  I'm just on here having a snoop around and saw your lovely post!  Congrats on Bump No.3  image

  • Hey PTB - I remember you. And you moonbeam! Congrats on no 3 ladies! x

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