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Hello all i know its been a while sine i was last on here but been busy busy busy! And yep pregnant with baby number 2! Im a lil nervous as this was'nt planned but secretly excited about being a mummy twice! Have any of you had 2 kids so close together as eva will only be 1 on the 26th of jan and this baby is due on the 31st july? Any tips xxx


  • Congratulations!  My first two were just under 17 months apart, then 20 months between second and third babies, so I had the 3 in 3 years 2 months.  It was tough at times, but it passes quick enough (just look how quick Eva has grown) so it does get easier.  I would have had the fourth close too, but it took a few years to talk the OH round to another baby!
  • Congratulations.image

    My first two were 16 months apart,then two years exactly between 2 and 3.Then 27 months between 3 and 4,23 months between 4 and 5,then 15 months between her and 6,then 14 months between her and my youngest,who'll be 25 months when the new baby is born.

    I think you have to be prepared for being busy.If you treat yourself to a good sturdy pushchair with room for two babies and all their gear,there's no reason you can't get out and about as you would with one baby.I had a new baby before the older baby was walking with three of my babies,which was hard work.Changing two nappies is extra work but it just becomes the normal thing to do.You find a routine that works for you all.

    Above all take time to enjoy it ,however busy you are.Although it was hard work when my youngest was tiny,I've a lot of very happy memories of that time.

  • Oh wow Del   CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!imageimageimageimage

    Tom and Jc are 17mths apart,all good fun! Start saving though,2 in nappies is expensive business!! And yes Jo is totally on the money yet again,a good double makes life easy with 2 little ones!

    Oh I'm so happy for you! x

  • Congratulations .... I had my daughter 4 days before my sons 1st birthday.. Lola was born 21st June 2010 and Toby had his 1st birthday 25th June 2010.. I thought I'd never cope coz I'm so unorganised and I can't do routines it's just not in my nature.. She Wasn't planned either but it's turned out ok so far... To be honest it can be hard work at times but once u get used to it the easier it gets.. If u take 1 day at a time you'll be fine xx
  • congrats 2u on your pregnancy im a mum of three boys james18,luke 13 and finley 15 months and im getting broody again already i must be crazy,as i have serious sleep deparvation wiyh my youngest but i secretly would love to have a little girl for my three sons too. Any one got a tips on having a girl as this would be my last attempt. Goodluck 2 all for those pregnant or trying or new mums,just enjoy it all it goes so fast,trust me after having two teenagers having them as babies or toddlers is the easiar part t-care   and have a good wk-end love sammy x
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