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Iron infusion

Hi Ladies

Has anyone had to go on a drip and have an iron infusion before? I have to go in tomorrow and have bloods done and have been told I will be going on a drip if levels are still too low.

Can anyone tell me what the side effects are and if it is safe to drive afterwards or give me any idea of how like it takes?

I am really nervous especially as last time I was on a drip it took 5 attempts to get the canular in


  • I was on a drip with DD1.  I was in hospital for 48hrs until they were satisfied I had reached the desired levels.  I became extremely 'loose' afterwards lasting 24hrs & the hand in which the drip was placed remained swollen for another 3days.

  • Ok that doesnt sound too horrific although not at all pleasant.

    How many weeks were you when you went in? Did it effect your labour in any way?

    Sorry for all the questions, hope you dont mind.

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