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5 weeks 4 days pregnant internal scan , empty sac :( am i still pregnant ????

Hello im 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant , Today i had an appoinment at epu for and internal scan due to period like pains which are all totally normal image but they found my sac but they couldnt see anything in it image They asked me to have a blood test and to do another this saturday to look at my hormone levels rising , im so nervous as i have miscarried this time last year and all i ever wanted to be is mummy . I just need some reasurance that next time i go for a scan that he or she will stop playing peek a boo and show there face image Has anyone been through this ? Or anyone know any good reasurring advice as im worried to hell image xx



  • Hi, just wanted to offer you some reassurance if i can. I had a similar experience myself with my DS (now age 5) when I was 7wks pregnant. I went to EPU with light bleeding and when scanned, Doctor advised he could see the sac but no heartbeat. He asked me to return the following week as it might have been too early to detect. So i went back the following week and heartbeat was detected and all was as it should be.

    Try not to panic until you know more next week. Take care x

  • I've had the same following 2 mc's earlier this year & 31/2 yrs of ttc. At 5 wk scan there was an empty sac went back at 7 and saw hb... I now 37 wks pregnant. Stay positive x
  • Thanks very much for your support means alot , image

  • Did any of you have any period like pain in the early days ?

  • Yes i had pains with both pregnancies, particularly with my 1st - last until 17wks! I think it is just your womb adjusting etc. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant with number 3 and have some mild pain. All normal!

  • im currently five weeks pregnant too image yeah my pains are some what mild , sometimes they are dull other are not


  • Hello everyone,

    I just had my scan today, i thought i was 5 weeks but my scan showed up at 5weeks 4 days. all i saw was a black sac nothing else.

    I have to go back in 2 weeks to see if thesac is growing and if there  is a baby in there.

    I'm so worried cos i had a mc 9 weeks ago.

    As anyone been through this and been through a normal pregnancy. 

  • Just offering some advice. I am 5+4, had a scan at 5+1 and also had an empty sac. Had a scan at 5+2 on my last pregnancy and only seen a sac. Went back 2 weeks later and seen a heart beat. It is normal not to see anything but a sac at this stage. x

  • I am also 5 wks and 4 days from a scan to go back in 2.weeks ....just can't help thinking that I will miscarry before then .....this is the 7 th time I've been pregnant ....I have never got passed 7 weeks ....before something happening .
  • Hi, I did a scan on 46th day of my missed period, though urine test returned positive, my scan results said no sac found. Doctor said she couldnt see anything in the scan and asked me to re-take scan after 2 weeks. All my urine tests were showing positive but in scan nothing is visible.

    Is this normal, how long we need to wait max for sac to be visible. Please advice, as i am worried a lot now.

  • Hi  I thought i was 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant and ive been experienceing some bleeding since sunday, mainly when i wipe no pains or clots.. I am a nervous wreckimage!! Went to the EPU today at half 2, doctor done a scan and an internal scan.. seen the sack but no baby.. doctor measured sac and thinks am only around 5 or 6 weeks pregnant image.. Back up now on the 29th.. not exactly put my mind at rest, think its made me worse image as this is my 1st pregnancy!! I'm just praying the wee bugger shows its face on the 29th image

  • Hiya I was wondering if somene could help me I found out I am pregnant with my 2nd and I have been getting pain on my right side, I have had a scan last week and they couldn't find anything........ they done blood tests and the results was good but they have bookd me in for another 1 this tuesday, do you think they will see something this time.? Also could someone help me work out how far gone I am? My last period was on 7th October and finishd around the 12th many thanks
  • Hi Kerryanne. You would only be just 6 weeks today so it doesn't shock me nothing was found last time. Hopefully you will get to see a heartbeat on Tuesday but it's not uncommon to be up to 7 days wrong on your dates. My last scan showed me 2 days behind what I am and I know exactly when I conceived. It is also not uncommon to experience pain in the early days. This can just be ligaments pain. Best of luck xx
  • Thank you my sisters friend said that she was 4weeks and see her bby and he was 1cm so im really worrid as I thought we would of seen him hopfuly tuesday we will many thanks x
  • You would not have seen a baby at 4 weeks. You would be unlikely to even see a sac at that point. I have had scans at 5 weeks and only seen a sac. I know many others haven't even seen that. Fingers crossed for Tuesday. Please let me know how it goes. Torch xx
  • Will do I think that has been playing on my mind so hopfuly I shoulkd see the sac this tuesday x
  • Had my scan today everything looks gd empty sac but gt anothervscan on the 4th dec so should see alot more and doc said I was about 6 weeks x
  • When do u. Think I wil see the baby and his heart beat? Im about 5/6weeks x
  • I jus had a scan today 5+ weeks empty sack hospital says iv to go back in 7 t 10 days for early scan but not to worry cos dis is normal so please god baby should be visible by then
  • Had a scan today 3rd in 2 weeks due to pain. 1st nothing except thickening of the womb lining, 2nd showed a tiny sac apprx 4mm had 3rd today it showed sac 7.5mm think im 5/6 weeks. Midwife was a nightmare gave me negative possibilities now very worried my blood hcg was 940 8 days ago had more done today. anyone had any experience of this before??


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