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Fainted , Blurred Vision & Shaking - HELPP!

I am 10weeks + 4days pregnant and today I was out and came over all hot and sweaty , i started shaking feeling faint and my vision was blurred , asif i was looking through a condensated mirror?! next minute i walked outside to the fresh air and my legs went! this is the second time it has happened , the first time was alot more early on in my pregnancy , any advice as to what it may be? I had eaten beforehand so ive ruled out lack of food and so on , also i had a drink so i doubt it was dehydration! any advice would be accepted gratefully , thanks , Jess x


  • i'd have a guess at low blood pressure or a migraine, i had your symptoms with both of these, but it really could be anything, i'd visit gp/midwife for a wee check up if your concerned x

  • It could be related to blood pressure, it could be dehydration, it could be heat exhaustion, it could be gestational diabetes. 

    You need to drink plenty, if you are feeling thirsty you are dehydrated (your wee should be colourless, the darker it is the more dehydrated you are).

    Chat with MW/GP about it, they can advise on how to relieve the symptoms & help determine the cause.

  • sounds like low blood preasure. see your midwife and ask for a blood test, she'll probably pop you on iron tablets but best to get checked out asap.

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