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question for you glowing pregnant ladies :)

Did anyone have increased creamy cervical mucus around 9dpo as a symptom??

Ive also had 2 nosebleeds and broken out in spots image

Not very nice but hoping it will lead to a bfp image

thanks girls xxx


  • to be honest i can't say i noticed.  I had sore boobs but i always got these before af anyway.  fingers crossed for you x 

  • thanks for replying. The dreaded two week wait is killing me image

  • Yes,to all except nosebleeds.But I had those from with my first.Good luck!
  • it depends if you normally have all those symptoms before af or not. i had bleeding gums when i was about 3 weeks (tho i didnt know i was at the time!) and had a couple nose bleeds since so you might be image

    keep your fingers and toes crossed for the two week wait image

  • AF due today but no sign at all yet, not even spotting, just an increase of CM had a neg test at 11dpo...think it could still be possible? xx

  • Yes,how many dpo are you now?

    If not there tomorrow morning I would test again.

    Sticky baby dust to you!

  • 14 dpo i never late always bang on!

    having mild cramps but i usualy get brown discharge a day or so before my period...and its just yellow tinged CM

    i just wanna know lol...when i was prognant before i got a bfp at 10dpo...why would it be diffrent this time?

  • Just depends when you implant,how fast your hcg rises etc,not impossible at all that you wouldn't get a bfp until later with this one.

    Go on test!!
  • i did one earlier but cause i was busting it went all over the test...dunno if it affected it. gunna wait few days (if i can) give time for the possible hcg to get higher image will let you know


  • Fmu probably still necessary at this stage too.

    I never did the test mid flow i always did them using the dipstick option.
  • i usualy do but was in mc donalds toilets lol! another BFN today....

    dont wanna get my hopes up image

  • I had both - increased cm and a nosebleed!!  Fingers crossed its a lucky sign for you too supersquish! xx

  • thanks mrs kh72, 3 days late now image  

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