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I'm 5 weeks & not got many symptoms yet, just wondering whay symptoms people had & when you got them? Emma & bump no.2 xx


  • your not forced to get any symptoms and if you did,your still early,my first pregnancy i got every symptom going by 6wks but with my second oregnancy with the twins,i got no symptoms whats so ever 

  • hi

    i'm 7 weeks,  i haven't had many symptoms. my first symptom was sore boobs which i've had since ov, i usually got sore boobs before af anyway but they just continued. over the last week i've started feeling tired and peeing a lot more.  i haven't been sick but have had waves of nausea since yesterday. 

  • hi Emma

    im now 29 weeks but the first symptoms really started at around 7/8 weeks if not later of feeling very nauseous and went off chocolate! like tasha i had sore boobs from probly week 3/4 but i always got it before mother nature so didnt take any notice of it. one thing i did have which dauned on me after i found out was i had bleeding gums when i brushed around 3 weeks.

    just remember everyone is different and so are all the symptoms! good luck  its an amazing experience image

  • With my DD i was addicted to sweet stuff from the beginning, really tired & sore boobs then from 8 weeks i developed hyperemisis for the rest of my pregnancy. This time i cannot stand sweet stuff, im really tired & starting to feel sick, today my doctor has told me to be ready for the hyperemisis to return from about 6+ weeks! My boobs arent too sore yet but they are getting bigger. Im peeing loads too & having bad waves of dizziness & migranes.

    Im actually excited to go through it all again despite all the problems i had last time image hoping march hurries along lol xx
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