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no ov can you get bfp???

Hi im crashing this from ttc. Have any if you ever had or heard of a bfp with no signs of ov that month?? Reason i ask is that i have always had as pretty regular cycle when off the pill. when we conceived ds 1 i caught on month 2 of bot really trying.  this time round had a slightly longer cycle by about a week then a relatively short af i have since had no signs of ov what so ever and i usually get a lot of ewcm so i know when iv.  is it possible to have caught either last month ir this month do you think or is it more likely that ive justnot ovulated this month? so confusing all this!!!!



  • You may not have ovulated,or, you did but just didn't notice.

    The only thing is if you had a longer cycle and relatively short af you probably had an anovulatory cycle and the bleed you experienced was a break through bleed.From my understanding you count the first day of this as cd1 just as you would with normal af. And don't worry about it too much,I had an anovulatory cycle the month before I got pregnant this time.Apparently they are quite common but people only notice them when ttc.

    It is only something you need to speak to your doctor about if it happens several times in a row or frequently.

    Other than that don't fret and just keep trying this cycle!

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