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Ketones in urine

Hi all, if anyone has any information or advice I would really appreciate it. Im 17+2 and had a mw appointment today, I poas and she told me I have ketones in my urine and asked if I'd eaten anything. My appointment was at 11am and I told her yes, id eaten toast for breakfast at 7.15am. She asked about last night and I said yes id had dinner (chicken salad) but forgot that I'd also had a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes not long before bed. Ketones in urine would suggest low blood sugar, but not only have I definitely been eating enough, I've had quite a lot of sugary things (had marmalade on toast this morning). So I'm worried. Could this be a sign of gestational diabetes? I've also had headaches almost every day for 3 or 4 weeks. The last few days I've started to feel nauseous too, and a couple of occasions felt dizzy and out of breath (when at rest). Im also wondering about the possibility of the ketones being a connection to my gallstone problem. I haven't had an attack for about 3 months, but now worried this could mean I am close to having one. I am probably thinking far too much of it, I hope so! Its just that I got the feeling my.midwife didn't believe me about having breakfast and put it down to that. Sorry it turned into a ramble! Xx


  • hi no it doesnt mean you have gestational diabetes, it just means your body is burning fat as its used up other energy stores. chicken salad is not a really filling dinner so i guess the morning after that your body might need a mid morning snack. It has more demands on it now than before. It can also happen if you've been vomiting or are dehydrated.

    the feeling shaky and dizzy could also be a sign you need to eat and drink a little more x

  • Hi ketones in your urine can mean many things from possible diabetes to the onset of pre-eclampsia to dehydration.  The darker your wee the more ketones there are in it (ideally your wee should be colourless).

    Your symptoms (headaches, dizzyness, nausea) relate to all three conditions, try upping your fluid intake to correct it (aim for a glass of water every hour, if you feel thirsty you are dehydrated).  If you are drinking a glass of water every hour & your ketones don't improve, your MW may then refer you for further tests to determine the cause.  (If you eat/drink before providing your urine sample you will have extra sugar in your wee affecting your reading, ideally you want the first wee of the day to be tested).

  • Thanks for both of your replies! I'm not concerned about pre-eclampsia at this point, my blood pressure is fine and no protein in urine. Don't think I'm dehydrated, I've always drank alot of water, and especially make sure I do since I've had the headaches. I guess I'm worried about gd as I KNOW that I'm eating and drinking enough. Hopefully it was just a one off and next time will be clear. Thanks again for your replies image
  • mybs, keytones are not significant of pre eclampsia, that is protein. Keytones alone signify your body is burning fat for whatever reason, if this was due to diabetes there would be glucose there. it's also impossible to get pre eclampsia at 17 weeks so dont worry.

    Probably just a one off if you eat and drink regularly and you aren't vomiting.xx

  • Thanks alfie222 image x
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