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Help I don't know what to do.

I usaualy have pretty regular periods but my period on may 8 only lasted one day and it was old blood. Two weeks later I had another " period" it was the same as befor. Two more weeks later and the same. That was almost amonth ago. I haven't bled sence. The reason I say I'm 11 weeks pregnant is cause an app where I put in my first messed up period. When I was maybe 6 weeks I started feeling really sick my bf socks made me puke. My boobs were sore and I was constantly tired. I haven't had a test taking. I have no way I'm 17 I don't have a car and I have told no one. Now that I'm bout 11 weeks maybe I have no symptoms except I feel like I have presure in my low stomach. And my tight clothes don't fit. Am I pregnant? What should I do? My mom would kill me and I don't feel my bf should know yet cause he's deallin wit college.


  • There are lots of reasons why your periods may be unusual at the moment and also a number of reasons why you had those symptoms.  Unfortunately there is only one way to know for certain whether you are pregnant or not and that is to take a test either at home or by getting your DR to do a blood test.  Try not to panic until you know for certain one way or another, once you know then you can start to deal with the situation (if there is infact a situation to deal with).  If it helps I had irregular periods for years, sometimes they would be like clockwork and then I could go weeks, even months in some instances without a period and I wasn't pregnant either.

    Find out for certain by taking a test hun.


  • The 1st thing u need to do is not panic & u need to get a test somehow or get docs app is there a local chemist u can walk to as they do pregnancy test once u know either way then u can decide who & what u tell your bf & mum just try & relax till u know i know its easier said than done

    Billie xxxx

  • Hon you need to see your GP.  Your surgery should be local so you should be able to walk/bus there.  Talk to your GP about your symptoms & concerns, they should be able to test your wee for you whilst you are there.  They are governed by the patient confidentiality code so won't tell anyone without your consent.  Again by seeing your GP, if you are indeed pregnant, they can then advise you on what options are available/what to do next.

    Best wishes.

  • I would agree with above advice too. See yoru gp and get test. look after you first before you worry about what will happen. It could be number reasons . I remember worrying I was pregnant at 17 period disappeared for while but took test and all was fine.

    there are lots of help lines to talk thinsg through with profdessional people before you tell family. But one step at a time . 

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