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which supplements are you taking ? Worried i have wrong ones!

I have been flic acid in form of sanatogen mother to be while ttc and have continued to take it after bfp. I 'm now 7 weeks. sanatogen has: 

Typical values %RDA Per tablet       Vitamin D 200 10μg Vitamin E 71 8.5mg α - TE Vitamin C 113 90mg Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 145 1.6mg Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 129 1.8mg Niacin 119 19mg NE Vitamin B6 186 2.6mg Folic Acid (Folacin) 200 400μg Vitamin B12 100 2.5μg Biotin 400 200μg Pantothenic Acid 145 8.7mg Calcium 21 170mg Phosphorus 19 133.3mg Iron 100 14mg Magnesium 27 100mg Zinc 75 7.5mg Copper 100 1000μg Manganese 50 1mg

but I heard on some threads I 've looked at that you should be taking omega 3 fish oils. I do eat some tuna but limited to no more than two week and I have been trying to eat salmon or cod once week in meals. I do try eat varied diet lots of fruit, veg nuts and calcium in form of some dairy products. 

I went to boots and lady pointed me to mum omega but not confident she had that much knowledge on the matter. I rang chemist and read out ingreidents of both supplements but forgot to say mumomega has evening primose rose and bit of vit e in it . 



nutrient                                          per100g                      1 capsule provides 

omega 3 fish oil                              55.8g                             600mg 

of which 

-eicosaptaenoic  (EPA)                     3.5g                                42mg

-docosahexaenoic (DHA)                   27.9g                              300mg

omega 6 (evening primrose oil)           14.0g                              150mg

of which 

-gamma linolenic acid (GLA)             1.4g                                  15mg

vitamin E+                                        300mg a-TE                       2.8mg a-TE*


really confused about evening primrose I ve heard that's bad for early pregnancy. I don't want to take any rosks as I had missed miscarriage last December. 

Do you take fish oils ?  If I stop taking it will folic acid sanatogen be enough with the other vitamins , as long as I eat bit fish . Want to give baby best start. 

hard knowing what's best. Wondering if my mum faced these decisions ??


Any advice be great. Hope you are all well 


thank you  


  • Wow, you're one consciencious mummy.  The only supplements I ever took with both my pregnancies were folic acid for the first trimesters & with my 2nd pregnancy I took iron tablets from 28wks for 3wks.  These days they are encouraging taking folic acid for longer as it helps iron intake & they now recommend vitamin D be taken as it helps prevent pre-eclampsia.  All other supplements you can largely control with your diet.

  • Think it's cause I 've lost one baby, it makes you more careful . Just want to do all I can to ensure healthy pregnancy.


    Though I only got sanatogen for floic acid , it just happens to have all other stuff in. I do eat good diet . been trying to eat less of sugary process stuff. Only ever ate crips and really naughty stuff on weekend. Always tried to watch my weight , otherwise I think I'd be huge . I love food image

    Thanks  for advice 

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