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Getting worried about 20 week scan..

Hello, well as being excited about seeing my baba again. I can't help but worry that something might be picked up in the scan :/ Everything has been fine just can't help worrying as a first timer. Probably being silly x


  • I'm a first timer and a natural born worrier too hun. When is your 20 week scan? Ours is next Thursday. xx
  • Same, mine is tomorrow! x

  • Hi Jessi,

     i too was worried sick before the 20 week scan praying they werent going to pick anything up untoward but everything was normal and fine and now 30 weeks. i think you can feel if something is seriously wrong and the midwife always does tests and checks which would pick anything up. my thinking was that as long as our peanut is alive we're lucky to be parents no matter what might be physically or mentally wrong with him/her.

    good luck and enjoy seeing your little bubba image

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