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6 Weeks pregnant and no heart beat

Hi I am new to this but just wanted some advice really. I found out I was pregnant about 4 weeks ago. I went for a scan but all they could see was the yolk sac so they asked me to go back a week later. When I went back they saw the fetal pole and a faint heartbeat, at that scan they told me I was around 5 and a half weeks, but they asked me to go back again another week later so they could check the heartbeat was getting stronger, I went back Tuesday just gone but they could not see a heart beat they could see the fetal pole but no heart beat. They told me to expect to start bleeding over the next coupke of days and if i dont then to ring them and they will book me an appointment to go and get washed out. My question is could they have made a mistake, I would only be 6 weeks could they of just missed the heartbeat even with an internal scan. I know I am probly just clutching at straws and hoping for something that is not going to happen. Any help or advise please.


  • hi there,

    im not an expert on this sort of thing by any means, but the other night i was watching a very short programme that mentioned about doctors saying that they cant find heartbeats by mistake!

    if i were you hun, i would get a second opinion before they perform any kind of procedure on you whatsoever!

    please keep me updated, i hope and pray that all will be OK xxx

  • Chances are they will need to perform another scan anyway before the did a procedure so they can see what they're dealing with, if you have any concerns though ask for another scan, if you aren't bleeding etc. There are private scans available as well if thats an option you want to take to put your mind at rest. xx

  • My friend found out she was pregnant & ended up going for a scan where they told her something similar & booked her in for a d&c a week later & they mentioned nothing about doing another scan. She told me about it & i said i didnt want to upset her or get her hopes up but urged her to see someone else for a second opinion & luckily she did as she is now 34weeks pregnant with a healthy little girl! X
  • I had an early scan at 6 weeks and they couldn't find anything but the sac. I paid for a private one at BabyBond a week later and there it was. The private one was much better. They were really thorough and spent time with us. Get a seond opinion. x

  • I agree with the other ladies, ask and get another scan.
  • Hi thankyou all for your replies, I did have another scan and unfortunatly there was no heart beat and the fetus was 2mm smaller than it was the week before so i had to go in for a D&C yesterday (worst thing i have ever had to do in my life) i was in so much pain after, the nurses told me i was pretty much experiencing labour pains. Thankyou all very much for replying and i wish you all the very best. Hopefully will be trying again very soon so will hopefully be back on here. Good luck to you all.xx

  • Hey Julie, how are you doing. I had a d&C in June and understand your pain. It physically hurt, which I was not expecting but the mental upset was almost worse.

    I woudl suggest looking after yourself. If that means eating ice-cream and watching telly, you should do it. I found a daily trip to get chocolate also helped.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • Thankyou I have been in alot of physical pain and also mental pain. I am trying to rest up as much as possible and generally taking it easy, having a few days off work to recover. xx

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