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iCandy Peach 2

Hi ladies,

I just wondered if any of you could offer any advice? We really like the iCandy Peach 2 and I think we'll end up ordering it but I can't decide on the colour its between the Silver and Black. We both prefer the Silver colour but I'm worrying it will mark easily. Is this the case or am I better off going for the black?

Any help would be really appreciated as a first time mum x


  • We are going to go for this pram. I absolutely love the sweetpea colour, but they are phasing this out towards the end of the year and part of the reason for buying this pram is because we can easily turn it in to a double in the future. But, if we get this colour now, we might not be able to get the same colour for the second seat if and when we turn it in to a double. I think we will probably go for the black magic, but hubby wants to see the bon bon colour.  Have you had any quotes yet? We have been told £925 for pram, carrycot and car seat. Steep! We will shop around though closer to the time. I wouldn't worry about it marking. If I like it, I go for it! x

  • It's a lovely pram, and if I was you I'd go for the silver as it does look stunning. ICandy are generally really beautiful prams but you will pay for it. It's the baby show in Manchester soon, if you're local, I'd go there and ask ICandy themselves -you migjht even get a good deal image

  • Thanks ladies for the advice, I think we'll be opting for the silver image

    Cantwait2bamummy the best price I've managed to find is £820 for the pram, carry cot and maxi cosi car seat. We also liked it because it can be turned into a double, we had trouble conceiving this little one so hoping we'll be able to have another one. I don't think we'll wait too long to start ttc again as it took us nearly 2 years and we had to have a little fertility help.

    CherylW2 unfortunately I live in Wales so won't be able to go to the baby show in Manchester. I was hoping they wouldn have one in Birmingham as it isn't too far for us to travel. Enjoy the baby show if you go x

  • Hi Mrs B image

    Can I ask where you found it at that price? It is on a list of prams we like but quite a bit more expensive than the other strong contender (Silver Cross Surf in Petals) because the other doesn't need the carrycot. xx


  • Hi Broody,

    I found it in a very small local store called the Discount Pram Centre which is in Nelson, South Wales. I also found it in another small store for a little more at £845. The only drawback is that there is a 16 week waiting time in the store in Nelson so we're going to order it on the weekend so it's here in time for baby in January. They did say that if baby came early or it didn't arrive in time they would give us a pram to use until the pram arrived so we won't be stuck without one.

    If you go on the iCandy website and look for stockists in your area, I'd visit a few of the stores for prices. That's what we did and it turned out to be a lot cheaper. I went to John Lewis to see if they would price match it for me but they wouldn't because of the 16 week waiting time, they reckon the physical pram needs to be in the store otherwise they won't price match - what a load of rubbish! I've even got the written quote from the shop and that is the price at the time of order so I was a bit miffed. I did think about ringing customer service but to be honest I'd rather support a small local retailer and the woman we dealt with was reallt good and spent ages going through all the prams with us x

  • Thank you very much for that. I hope you're well. X

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