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I am just looking for a bit of help / advice.

im struggling with a pain and discomfort in my pelvis and hips. i have been to the doctors today and they didnt say it was anything but just gave me some codeine to take. As i'm pregnant im not a fan of taking painkillers etc as worry about the baby.

i only seem to feel the pain when im walking or laid for a while.

i see my midwife again next Thursday so will mention it to her and hopefully get to the bottom of it, but just wondered in the meantime if anyone could give me any advice to help ease the pain

Thanks in advance x


  • i had it with my second pregnancy,i ended up on crutches,i was in agony,anyway another lady on here,had it even worse than me and she did some handy tips for it,ive coped and paste


    1) Rest as much as possible and don't push through the pain at all. If it hurts - stop

    2) Keep knees together as much as you can eg when walking up stairs, take each step at a time. Getting in/out of the car..sit down and swivel lifting your feet in together. Put a carrier bag on the seat as this will help make moving easier

    3) Rest

    4) Bed - if possible wear silky pjs. Again the material is slippy so it makes it easier to move and limits the pain

    5) Rest

    6) Support pillow -

    7) Rest

    Take paracetamol regularly. It's safe to take (I was assured by consultant, two doctors and mws!) but only works if you take it regularly rather than just when the pain gets bad - its too late by then and won't touch the pain. If the pain gets very bad go and see your doctor as they can prescribe mild co-codamol instead.

    9) Rest

    10) If possible shower rather than bath - climbing in and out is bad enough without having the problem of lifting yourself up and down as well.

    11) Rest

    12) If you swim, don't do breast stroke under any circumstances - it pulls your legs apart too much

    13) Rest

    14) NO housework or anything like that - it can wait. If it can't wait - get a cleaner 

    15) Rest

    16) Be very careful how you sit

    17) Rest

    18) Ask your doctor to refer you to a physio. They should measure your pain free gap ie how far you can open your knees before it gets too painful. This should be put in your notes for examinations and labour. They should also give you a support belt. I found the belt very uncomfortable and added to the pain, however I know many women who have found it very good.

    19) Rest

    20) Keep up the pelvic floor muscles - will help the recovery afterwards, plus you should be doing them anyway! 

    21) Rest

    22) Don't be afraid to ask for help for anything or everything. It's not forever and the less you do now, the quicker you will recover after the birth eg dinner can be takeaway to save you standing and cooking, get a cleaner, ask friends/family to do the school run/babysit if you have other children so you aren't running round after them all day, ask for lifts instead of driving yourself (the pedal work and sitting in one position doesn't help it) etc etc

    REST REST REST! This is not something that gets better the more you do but that speeds things up and makes it worse  
  • Could be, I had it with my first pregnancy, but not until the end so didn't get a chance to have physio.  I've actually been told today that I have it again and I'm 26 weeks! it's mainly the pelvic area for me, feels like intense grinding and pressure, very painful to walk and walk down stairs!

    Best advice is to rest, and do no more than you need to.  Walk using your knees not your pelvis and keep knees together when turning in bed etc.

    Hope you get refered to the hopsital! I've got an appointment for next Friday and it can't come sooner image



  • Yup! You probably do. In my area you have to pay for the support belt so I didn't have it. I found wearing support pants in a bigger size helpful - I wore them over normal knickers under trousers which in winter was fine - not sure how comfy it would be in summer (bit too muich sweaty betty!) Everything fallenangel says is spot on - your midwife will give you a leaflet saying exactly the same. I would ask for physio referral so you can figure out pain-free/less painful birthing positions. And don't be fobbed off by the Dr. From personal experience, trying to give birth without knowing what positions you can and can't manage is really really painful! Last bit of advice - Just be prepared to become very very very slow at doing anything! x
  • with my first child i started with a pain around the 30 week mark. she was born at 34 weeks so the midwife told me it was just her head engaging but i'm not convinced thats all it was.

    only 2 days now until i see the midwife and starting with the pain in the bottom of my back so not getting easier.

    i have started sleeping with a cushion between my legs which has helped a little bit at night but i will try all the advice given from you all

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read my problem and comment image xxx

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