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7 Weeks, fetal pole no heartbeat

Hi Ladies, looking for a bot of advice really.  Found out I was pregnant on 10th August, working back my dates I make it that I am now 7 weeks.  On Tuesday morning I noticed blood when I wiped, it was bright red, had no cramps though.  Phoned the midwife and they booked me in that day for a scan.  Had a vaginal scan and saw the sac.  It was all intact and the bleed looked as if it was outside of the sac and away from it.  The sonographer saw and pointed out the fetal pole that was measuring 2.8mm (is that good or bad), but no heartbeat.  I am booked back in on Tuesday to have another scan but I am so worried, I have miscarried before and I am doing everything I can to keep this wee one.  Any help has anyone else been through this at all and not miscarried



  • Fingers crossed you have ovulated a bit later or implantation has occurred a bit later. You should be able to see a heartbeat when the fetal pole is 5mm. Don't give up hope, I'm sure it's just because your bean is just a little bit too small x
  • Had a bleed again today, had a clot in it.  Phoned epau and they said I had to phone the other hospital as there was no one there to see me.  So phone the second hospital and they said that there was no point seeing me because I have a scan booked in on tuesday, just wait till then.  I then phoned my midwife unit and they told me to go to my GP.  Did this and they said the same, wait till tuesday.  I have no pain and there has been nothing since I have been to the doctors.  Just gotta sit tight till Tuesday xxx

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