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Can someone give me advice on whats happening??

I done 3 Pregnancy tests and they all come back positive last saturday. On Wednesday night i had brown discharge when i wiped and i had really bad pains. Yesterday morning i still had pains so i went to see my GP and he said any bleeding to go straight up to A + E . when i got home i saw bits of blood when i wiped. i spent all day yesterday up the hospital had my bloods taken and it came back as my HGT was 2000, Also they done urine saple and it come back positive. They sent me for a scan and they said i was 5 weeks and 3 days, my sac was quite low down so they couldnt see anything and have to wait untill next friday for another scan. when i got home i bled quite alot, also in my pee and im sure i lost 1 clot. i am still having horrible pains like period pains and a little bleeding, some red somelight pinkish... what does this mean???? 


  • Hi, I didn't want to read and leave because you must be worrying like crazy right now. If the blood is red and you are having clots and cramps it doesn't sound good but I have heard people say that it has happened to them and they have had a healthy baby so it is so hard to say.

    Have you got any preg symptoms still?

    How many weeks did you think you was?

    Sorry if this is no help atall I just thought you could do with someone replying. Xx
  • Hi although easier said than done - try to stay calm and take things easy. There are lots of reasons why you might be spotting. Not all of them bad. Were you able to see a heartbeat on the scan? Are you sure it was a clot you passed - if your spotting is light could it have been discharge mixed in wiith the blood? I know any amount of blood makes you panic - I had some early on in this pregnancy and it is hard not to imagine the worst. All I can say is take the long weekend to relax but don't be afraid to go to a+e. Find out who to contact if there's any problems, like an early pregnancy unit.

    I really hope you are ok. Keep us posted and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you x
  • Sorry you're going through this Lauren,

    Although it seems like hell waiting, they're probably making you wait a week so they can give you a definite answer. By 6+3 they'll be hoping for a heartbeat on your next scan. Do you have any more blood tests booked? A figure on it's own doesn't tell you anything. It's how much it changes in 48 hrs they look at. It should double. If it stays the same or goes down its bad news.

    If you have a lot of clots and pain unfortunately things start to be worrying, but just one could be ok.

    I have had 2 mc's, but also had a bleed in early pregnancy with my son, and then the rest of the preg was fine and he was full term.

    Good luck with everything, I have fingers crossed for you. I know how awful the wait for a scan is.

    G xx
  • Hi i had light bleding at the begining of my pregnancy and i had a scan and everything was fine i was nearly 6 weeks and they said it was implantation or old blood could be eather of those but im no 38 weeks and everything was fine after but it dosent stop u worrying.

    I hope u go on ok my fingers are crossed for u xxxx

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