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early pg and cramps

Hi ladies, I can't belive I am finally here, after two and a half years of ttc image I have just found out I am pg over the weekend, only 4 weeks so very early days, due  in May. I am so so happy, but so worried also, as I've been having really quite bad cramps, very much like period cramps/pain..also my stomach is really really bloated and I just feel really uncomfortable. I keep thinking I will start my period..I read that this is not unusual, however I have a history of mc and so I am not alowing myself to be happy, I am worried sick..Any advice? Many thanks xx


  • Hi May, congrats on BFP.

    Try not to worry, cramps are normal as things shift & stretch to accommodate your growing bump, as long as you are not doubling over in pain or bleeding heavily with those cramps then all should be well.  Bloating is also fairly common as your body/hormones adjust to catering as a house for developing baby (you can try drinking dandelion & burdock to help relieve this).  Relax & enjoy your journey, every pregnancy truly is different & what happened in one won't always happen in the next.  Best wishes for a happy healthy 9mths.

  • Thank you for the reply Kazzie. I will try the dandelion & burdock, as my tummy feels like it will explode lol

    I have just got back from seeing my gp and he thinks all is ok, but he wants me to go to EPU for a scan on Thursday just to be sure mainly becuse of my history and age. Can't wait till Thursday, praying all is in order and hope my little bean sticks and  its in the right place image




  • hi may13, sorry to hear about mc, but congrats on bfp. im the same, so bloated and uncomfortable i must look 5 months gone already but only 5 weeks. iv been getting the bad pains aswell with the horrible feeling i could bleed any min. think this is all norm tho but best to be extra careful just in case so trying to take it easy.also not sure if its just down to my ibs or not.

  • Congratulations on your BFP image I agree with KazzieM, all sounds normal hun though understand why you are so worried. I had cramps like af for ages after my BFP, I would go to the loo every half hour just to check and no matter how many times people say it's normal it's so hard not to worry. Hopefully it will pass soon and you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy xx

  • Thanks to you all on your responses, it is so hard to belive that this is normal. Congratulations to you Barnsie and kandzsmum, hope pains go away SOON AND h&h pregnancy ahed.Are you both due in May?  Sian I can see you are 30 weeks pg now, so that is reassuring image

    I was out yesterday and came across offer on Claer blue digital on offer, one that tells you weeks since conception. Anyway thought I get it and so did a test in the afternoon and 3+  I am really confused as I thought I might get 2-3,my last MP was 27/7 which would put me at nearly 5 weeks pg. Now I am worried even more as leaflet said if you get this result early on it can mean sign of cysts or ectopic pg..

    Has anyone had this? I want to relax but its so difficult!

    Thanks again xx

  • I've read that the clearblue digital tests aren't the most sensitive or the most accurate. So while they're great for being able to see "pregnant" written down, they're not the most reliable and I've read of other ladies getting varying results even when testing on the same day, so I'd say take the number of weeks with a pinch of salt! Is it your scan tomorrow? Hope it all goes well and you have a super strong sticky bean image xx
  • Hi Sian, yes you are right, nurse I saw today said these test only measure the amount of hcg and some ladies will have more of it then others eventhough they could be at the same stage of pregnancy.

    I had my scan today and everything seems to be ok, saw litlle dot image which is an egg yolk only at the moment, but I have scan again in two weeks so hope by then we can see the little embryo.Told pains could be caused by various different factors, endometriosis I had, streching of the uterus and pains in my  ovary from corpsus luteum (2 cm) from where I ovulated from. So reassured now and just praying it is a sticky one!

    Thanks again for your advice, and all the best with the rest of your pregnancy image xx


  • I'm so glad your scan went well today and glad that you feel more reassured now! I hope you get to see more at the next scan, it's great that they are keeping an eye on you and arranging these early scans so you can get some peace of mind xx

  • I had terrible cramping pains at the beginning, I found a hot water bottle helped me x

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