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Salary sacrifice with NHS????

Hiya ladies im currently 35 weeks pregnant and looking at childcare options.

I work full time for the NHS and am considering taking a salary sacrifice to help pay for childcare. Please can anyone offer any advice if they have/planning to do this?

My head is spinning with all the info image


Many thanks




  • I am with the nhs, so my dh, and we are both on a salary sacrafice scheme. We both get the maximum of £243 per month, but after tax is worked out, this costs us £160 approx out of our wages, so we are about £70-80 a month better off. DH thinks its a good deal even though it affects our pension in the end because we are saving money now. What are your concerns?

  • Im just trying to get my head around it all. Do you stay in the scheme until little one goes to primary school presumably? I feel so stupid not being able to fully understand it all lol

  • You go with whichever scheme your employer is with. Personally I like to have my vouchers "virtual" which means that they work like an online bank. My employer pays in the money every month and I can either set up standing orders to my childcare provider or make one off payments. Your childcare provider will be most likely be registered with the voucher scheme but if they're not already registered with your scheme just ask them to do it - no work for you image

    You can leave the scheme anytime you want (but I doubt you will) and you can change your sacrificed amount anytime. You don't have to leave when your child starts nursery as your breakfast/afterschool/holiday club is also likely to take them. My 2nd child is starting school next week so I've dropped my contribution really low as I don't need to pay anything right now but don't want to opt out and will just save for next summer hols when I have 2 holiday clubs to pay.

    Hope this helps x
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