Extremely Faint Line on Pregnancy test. Help!


This is the result I got this afternoon. Not sure if you can see the line but there is a very very faint line there. Its been 30 days since the first day of my last period. My periods are pretty irregular too. Will do another test in the morning with FMU but just wanting everyone's opinions. My partner and I aren't TTC but had a bit of a slip up around 18 days ago and we don't ever use protection, we have been together for over 2 years so we aren't fussed either way. Any advice would be great! I am stressing out lol




  • Congrats..a faint line is a BFP... yay xxx

  • Congrats, i had the same for about 3 days and then it was a defo strong line. Time to celebrate then!!

  • Thanks! Can you guys see the line or am I imagining it? lol

  • Also, could it be an evap line? I didnt get to check the test until after 10 minutes, and it says to check it between 3-5 mins after taking it

  • ooo defo a line there hun congrats xx

  • Thanks ladies but this morning I am really confused. I took 3 preg tests this morning, one with first urine (which i will post a pic of) one with second morning urine, both were First Response tests and then I took a digital one with first morning urine as well. The 2 First response ones show very faint lines just like my original pic, but the digital test said "Not Pregnant" however took forever to load! So could I still be pregnant and it just be too early for the digital test or is it all in my head?       Wont let me upload a pic, but I will try later, what are your thoughts anyway ladies?    
  • Hey hun, absolutely, the CB digital tests usually detect higher concentrations of HCG, have you got pics of the first response tests? x   

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    The first test I took yesterday morning and there is a faint line on there, and the bottom one i took this morning and im not sure if there is anything there ): now beginning to think it was a chemical pregnancy. The only other thing i can think of is that I got up and peed a couple of times during the night and the last time i peed before taking the test was at 3.30am, i took the test at 6am, so mayb it wasnt as strong? CB digital said not pregnant again today. Seriously considering going out and getting another test and taking it at 10am cause i havent peed since 6am and they say you can recreate first morning urine by holding it for 4 hours and not drinking anything. I hate this feeling ):

  • image

    this is a slightly better picture..

  • I have to be honest and say I can't see anything .... Might be worth waiting a few more days and trying again ... When I tested at 4 days late it was a very clear line x x
  • Thinking AF might arrive tomorrow. Am exhausted and my boobs are very sore and I'm having light cramping and very bad back pain. If AF doesn't show by Monday I'll book a doctors appointment to get a blood test done. Thanks for your help ladies (:
  • I cam see a shadow on the 15 dpo test. Weeing in night! Is a symptom of early.pg. if you hold it for a few hours then test you should get same result as fmu! Don't worry abt cbd they are rubbish for early testing. Good luck x
  • AF showed up this morning and it is extremely painful so definitely not pregnant!
  • i just done a test same faint line


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     Whay do you all make of this one? I know I've done the test way too early (1 week after ovulation) but after this test with a faint line I've done 2 more and they are negative, I'm confused.

  • Hey I think I'm pregnant I had test and showing very faint line
  • I got a slightly darker line than the one u got however, im convinced now im having a chemical pregnancy as no other tests have shown it- though i am still 5 days b4 my period was due. I have back cramps, sore boobs nausea and excessive weeing and aversion to coffee! But must say i had a fainter line when i was pregnant with my daughter and she was definately a baby

  • Hi Ladies, new to this site but going out of my mind at the moment. I tested on sunday which is when my period was due, gave it a couple of minutes and decided it was negative. I then nipped out for a couple of hours, when i got home i realised i had left the test on the side in the bathroom. When i picked the test up it had a very faint line in the test window, trying not to get my hopes up i read a lot about evaporation lines and put it down to that. Did another test that evening and it took about 20 mintues for a line to come up but i know your not meant to read it after 10, this line was still very faint. Tested 5 times yesterday, a line appeared on all within a couple of minutes but still very faint. Did another one first thing this morning and the line seems to be a little darker that it has been. Hubby is getting me a cbd on his way home from work but im so nervous to get a bfn image Ive had a lot of symptoms, been getting headaches, cramping and sickness and my boobs are so sore. Been getting a lot of pain just under my boobs and round my belly button. Went to the walk in centre last night and the doc said if i am pregnant its all normal but im not sure. What do you ladies think my chances are? xx

  • Hi,


    If the lines are pink then you are pg.  The evap lines are usually colourless/grey.


    I also had a weird belly button twinging when I was expecting.


    Let us know what the cbd says.image

  • Hi TulipRose, thanks for replying.


    My hubby bought the wrong test he got the clear blue one that has a cross for a positive. Did the test about an hour ago and it was a definate cross image So happy image 



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