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Very Faint Positive Pregnancy Test



  • Hi ladies im in need of ur help ive tacken 2 test both have a veey faint pink line im guessin that is the colour its ment to be as the other line is pink also I know that if I am pregnant im only a few weeks but unsure on the reslut of the test but I do have pregnancy sytoms but askin my friend she thinks its to early to be gettin any sign of pregnancy  we also workes out that I had sex in the middle of my ovulation dates help please ladies im in a tiz x

  • Hi

    I did loads of pregnancy tests just to be sure as they were also very faint, I suppose like everyone else says hold off for a couple of days and do one first thing. Hope it's a positive for you.xx

  • Hi. So need somehelp. I took a pg test yesterday but I didn't see a line and as I'm 2 days early I chucked it in the bin straight away. Stupidly went back to it today and saw a faint line. Did another test this morning but it wasn't my first week and no line image. What you think? Evaporation line? I know your not supposed to read it after 20 minstrel but could have been there after I. Hucked it in the bin before 20 minstrel was up. Spotted last week so wondered if it was a implantation bleed? Due tomorrow so will retest then but any advice welcome x

  • Opps predictive text lol. Wee. Not week mins. Not minstrel. And chucked not Hucked. Lol 

  • i had very faint lines 8dpo now 8 weeks pregnant, fingers crossed for you ladies xx

  • Please don't judge me but on 3rd June I had to have a termination for medication reasons, hardest decision I had to make. That was almost 5 weeks ago. At the same time the doctor inserted a mirena coil (don't know if anyone they this?) anyway all was going fine until I started feeling sick and getting headaches so this Monday I did a test to make sure it read negative - it didn't, all 3 read positive and digital one said 2-3 weeks. I have had sex during this time. Can anybody help me? 


  • Go straight to your dr pollypocket201 .. they are clear postives - but I don't know how things work with regard to the mirena.  Good luck though hun xx

  • I would get down to.the gp asap chick x

  • Hi all bit of a wired one hear been feeling all the normal pmt signs as my period is due in the next three days, I went to the doctors and did a pregnancy test one clear line and one faint line appeared looking at your comments it's clear you all think this is positive but my doctor doesn't think so it is clear the faint line to the human eye, so shall I coincider this as being pregnant and get a second opinion from a different doctor ?

  • I did test today which had a very faint pink line showing positive but after a couple of hours the line had gone....does this mean it was positive or not? I did test early so did expect a negative but just could wait til thurs to test!!

  • i have been doing tests for the past 3 days they where all neg, i even went to the doctors to be tested. so i did i boots cheap own brand today and i thought staight away neg, but when i went back i could see i very very light shaddow. almost to the point where i thought to myself i was seeing things. so i went and bought a clear blue digital which apparently has the miu of 50! it came up straight away pregnant! pay the extra couple of pound for peace of mind i wish i had done that a few days ago! goodluck 

  • My husband & I have been trying to conceive for a year.

    Only 1 day overdue for my period.

    I have sore breasts for a week (also normal when I'm due on) & heartburn for the last 2 days.

    However I also have had stomach cramps for the past 2 days like I'm due on but no bleeding.

    I did a pregnant test 2 days ago which was negative but I did 1 tonight whilst I had a shower & read it & it's a faint positive. Although because I was going out to celebrate my wedding anniversary I read it after 10 mins. I'm trying not to get my hopes up! I have read that reading it late can cause false positive.

    My one from 2 days ago (in the bin) has no 2nd line but tonight's one still does!

    Anyone experienced similar??

    I'll recheck on morning urine but currently sat up in the middle of the night wondering! (Also worrying as I still have stomach cramps!)

    Any words of wisdom out there ladies?

    I've never been pregnant & now 32 & dearly would like to be! ????
  • Hi all,

    I just wanted to say, it is normal for the possitive line to dissapear after a while(dependant on the brand). For your own sanity it is best to never go back to a test as the results can appear to change.  x

  • Hi ladies

    Really hope someone can give me some advice please?

    I have been using the contraptive implant for 6 years, had it removed and started cilest pill 6 months ago.

    I finished the last packet of cilest on 6th August and had my withdrawal bleed as usual. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant ever since.

    My period is due today but as of yet nothing and I haven't had any bleeding since finishing the pill.

    I took two pregnancy tests today; the first was a first response and I had a very faint postive result which has got darker over the past few hours. The second was a clear blue which also showed a very faint postive which disappeared within the hour.

    I'm sorry for sounding stupid but I'm scared to get my hopes up incase it's an incorrect result. Not sure if I can be pregnant as I haven't had a normal period since I came off my contraception so I'm unsure how long my cycles are.

    Thanks in advance ladies
  • A positive is a positive, Laura!  Do a clearblue digital on first wee of the day and you'll have a good confirmation of when you concieved (but add 2 weeks to get your official pregnancy date, as that, bizarrely goes off the dates of your last period.

    Good luck xx

  • Hey guys wanting to post a picture of a hpt I took this morning the minute I woke up, extremely faint and almost not there it seems but I know it's not in my head, just wondering if its possible to upload a picture by iPhone ? If so how, just really need some advice and a second pair of eyes lol also took a second hpt later in the afternoon and no trace of anything but I could imagine that may be because it is not as concentrated ? Considering my morning one was very faint and I believe I wouldn't be very far along at all,

    Thanks x
  • I took 4 tests within this past week. the first one was negative, i think. but the three i took after that had a very faint line, indicating that im pregnant. im so scared because just two months ago i found out i was but i had an early miscarriage. my boyfriend and i are hoping that it really is positive. what should i do?!?!?

  • I to am a few days over due on my period so decided to do a PG test this morning...... at first glance i assumed it was negative but on closer inspection could see a faint second line indicating a positive result.

    Showed my Boyf and he could see it too but only just and feel a bit like we are going mad. We didn't want to get to excited so put it to the back of our minds.

    Today in work i noticed brown substance, simular to AF but not as dark now this afternoon it's more red. Is there any chance it could stop or has my very faint positive now turned in to a very deffinate negative..

    Will be gutted if it has.


  • Hi ladies,

    After some advice or a little rational thinking!

    I suffered 2 miscarriages this year, in June and August, had what I thought was a normal period 9th sept but it stayed for 23 days, so gp sent me for a scan incase of anything sinister, small cyst was found but no action needed... Great! Stopped bleeding, back to normal! Finished another period 4 days ago, whist on that period started vomiting and bloated etc and haven't stopped, for done reason yesterday I did my 'emergency pregnant test' that I always have in, there was a faint line in the positive box!

    So obv here lies the confusion, going on my last period of sept I'd be 7+2 weeks, but how did they not see it on the scan and why have I just had another period? Going to buy a digital today but my god I'm confused!!!

    Thanks in advance ladies, pleSe feel free to just tell me to get a bloody grip!

    Sal x
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