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  • Hiya. Im 8dpo an i took a test today.It looks like it has a really faint positive line but dont no if im seein things. Is there anyway to upload a picture of it to see what u all think. X
  • Hi looking for some advise, I've been feeling very sick for around 2 weeks now and soo tired, got sent home from work Monday and just slept for about 5 hours!! I literally fall asleep at any opportunity! Did a pregnancy test yesterday and there was very faint second line which was pink, not sure what to think?
  • I ve been TTC for 2 months, yest i did a morning test where a directly very faint visible line appeared. Today i repeated the morning test and it also showed directly a very faint but visible line... Wht do u think ladies ?????
  • I am one day late for my period
  • I was gettin really faint positives on differnt tests an then 2 days later negatives. I was 2 days late so mine was chemical i think. image x
  • Roses 30 have u done a clear blue. X
  • Yeah it is a clear blue ktistie jones
  • Is it a ditigal one. X
  • No it isnt, so i shld do a digital one to be more accurate right? I am new to those things ???
  • Yea id do the digital one but id leave it afew days so ur hormones got time to increase an it will give u an accurate reading. The blue die tests are known for false positives coz of the evaporation line for some reason. But with havin a faint positive and being a day late ur more than likley pregnant image x
  • image

    Can anyone else see a very faint first line or is it just me seeing things? this picture was taking last week! so I should be taking another test tomorrow morning to see if the line is darker and if two lines appear! I've been on the injection for about a year and I've had no period! I was due my depo shot at they end of September but didnt want to carry on, so came off it and had sex a few weeks ago unprotected, ive not had a period for a while so I have no clue when I'm due on! I need help!!! 


  • hi i took a pregnancy test 3 days ago and it came up with a very very faint line then i took one yesterday and it was the same, the only thing is the lines a barely noticeable could i be pregnant?
  • hi i took a pregnancy test 3 days ago and it came up with a very very faint line then i took one yesterday and it was the same, the only thing is the lines a barely noticeable could i be pregnant?  

  • Hi, my situation is i gave birth to my son 4th October. I was 18+ weeks and he didnt make it sadly!! I had sex after two weeks and not after the 21 days. A few days after that i went on the depo injection, ive not had sex since. Ive taken a pregnancy test and it has come up with two lines, one is verrrrrrrrry light. Barely visable but definately there. I went to my doctors and they did one. That was negative but he saw mine and said thats definately positive but rebooked me to come in next week to check again.
  • Hi I am in the same situation, I have just had IVF and have been told to test on Wednesday, but the wait was killing me so I did a very cheap test yesterday and again this morning, both times show a barely visible line to indicate a positive. I really had to look to see the line but it is there.


    I have been out and bought a clear blue today but am so nervous it is going to burst my bubble and say "not pregnant". Do you think it sounds hopeful???

  • Hey i was in the same boat! Ttc for only two cycles!expecting my period but had had sore ache boobs for a week straight. Thought it was weird. Two days no period and i was like no way its going to show its just late. For shits and giggles i tested. The smallest faint line about a hairs width showed up. My hubby even said i was seeing stuff. So i waited two more days no period tested again i got a defined line! Pregnant!  

    Since then its been three more positives and the appointment is booked to confirm!

    Like the instructions say Any faint line can be a positive! 

  • Congratulations that's amazing news.. It's such a killer this wait!!! Mental torture. my period is not due until wednesday so I'm super early. Just hope I haven't got my hopes up to high with these cheap tests!!!




  • For the last 3 days I have done dip preg tests morning pee. And with three mins the two lines appear the test very very faint I can see the second line but my husband can't and he pretty said I wasn't and dashed my hopes. I'm 10dpo today AF due Monday. I have a little girl from a different relationship. i feel like I am but my husband doesn't think so......
  • today is the first day of my cycle i  took a test yesterday and it had a very faint line and i took one this morning and the line was faint too.

  • i did a test and it had a very faint line 

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