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Very Faint Positive Pregnancy Test



  • Hi there please was wondering can any1 help me. Basically my period is due today my last period was on the 24th of march. Since last night I've had severe cramping pain . And I took a pregnancy test this morning and it had a very faint line could barely see it so I waited 3 minutes and it was more visible . So anyway I took another this afternoon . And same thing. So I took another more of an expensive test

    and it is also faint. Fainter than the cheap ones I took. Please help so confused because I'm having tummy pains
  • i guys i took 3 pregnancy test and 1 was negative i don't know what to think am i pregnant

  • What do you think of this one? Two days late got darker since the one I done when period was due?


    Wednesday the 8th may cudn't take a pic of test andthis is fromfriday 10thmay what u all think?
  • A week yesterday I ovulated and since then iv been getting alot of white discharge sometimes with a tinge of yellow. Iv also had very tender boobs but mainly in the morning when iv woken up ( boobs have also got aloy bigger)...iv been getting cramps that come and go
  • I got those symptoms at time of implantation, they look promising, wait another week to test though, so you don't dishearten yourself by doing it too early.

    Good luck x

  • Did preg test in mornin was faint positive fam saw second line we toke it apart incase eyes playin up then did anotber hours later was neg All i been gettin is tired moody feelin sick tinglin nips hard belly on the top x can u see line??

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  • Hello i just want a bit of help really my period is not due till next week but ive done 5 pregnancy tests now and all came but with a faint line, i had to test early due to last months period was really a period as it wasn't heavy if you now what i mean, i been on these tablets trying for a baby mini pill and then i got these faint lines on the pregnancy tests i have uploaded a picture so you can see it and can you help me please so i now what to do next

    Many thanks xx

  • Looks like my first pregnancy test, let us know if you're truly pregnant image x

  • Please help i

      is it positive 
  • So I have taken 3 pregnancy test once a week not 3 at one time just one every week and they all came back the same and the line is always faint and not sure if I'm pregnant because I had a miscarriage a month ago some people said it could be a false positive because of the miscarriage
  • So I have taken a pregnancy test for 3 weeks one test a week and it shows up the same every time with a very faint line and I'm not sure if I'm pregnant my sister said its because I had a miscarriage a month ago is this true
  • Zeilu looks positive to me image 

    Christa22 did you not take a test two weeks after your m/c, your midwife/nurse should of told you to do that,to make sure it's negative and then you know next time you test if it's positive or not. There's one thing you can do.go doctors and get hcg levels done 48 hours apart,that's the only way to know for sure,good luck xx 

  • Hello ladies I am ttc... My period isn't due for another 5 days but I have been so anxious to take a test n today was the day... Except im not sure if my eyes are deceiving me or if this is a really faint positive... what do u ladies think?
  • Hello ladies how can i upload my hpt on here? I need ur help to determine if its actually a faint positive or if my mind is just playing tricks on me😔
  • Morning jaylyn go to the bottom where you type and on the right hand side there a pic of a camera click on it take a pic and it should upload x

  • I've just taken a pregnancy test a and a very very faint line has come up, does this mean I'm pregnant??
  • What do you all think of my test? 

    Am I imagining things?

  • Could i be pregnant,i had my tubes tied 9 yrs ago im late by abt 15 days,no symptoms took a test and shows a blue faint line.
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